The Voice on ‘Invasion Day’

Written by Keith Windschuttle In recent months, The Australian has been running a fairly sustained campaign in favour of the demand for a “voice” to the Commonwealth parliament on policy issues that affect Aboriginal people. The newspaper has published a series of stories and opinion pieces in support of the Uluru Statement of the Heart made at … Continue reading The Voice on ‘Invasion Day’

First Nations? What does this mean exactly?

Often times than not, when in an argument or merely observing replies on a comment section or reading an article, you'll be faced with some individual or a group of individuals using the term "First Nations" to define Australian Aboriginals. For those who do not understand the historical context and the potentially dangerous implications it … Continue reading First Nations? What does this mean exactly?

Australia Day and the Truth of its origins

As it is, every year since the year 2000, Australia and Australians bare witness to hordes of Anti-Australians marching down the streets of our cities chanting rhetoric and slogans about their desire to remove Australia Day and their utter hatred for Australia. Many are convinced that Australia is built purely upon genocide, slavery, and mistreatment … Continue reading Australia Day and the Truth of its origins

Do Australians pay for the Royal Family?

This is a very common question to make in reference to the Royal Family when dealing with if Australians pay for the Royal Family. In this article, the debate about Australians paying for the Royals will be finished right here, since it's a mute point in of itself which will be discussed at the end … Continue reading Do Australians pay for the Royal Family?

New Australian States?

As of recently, there has been some voices calling for either secession or for new states to be created. Ranging from Western Australia yet again calling for secession and as of a few years ago, Queensland calling to be separated into North and South. Nothing of this sort is new to Australian politics, in fact, … Continue reading New Australian States?

An Independent Australian Monarchy

I do not advocate to remove Australia's system of governance, but it's improvement. Our government has been a very successful and stable system that many countries look to us in envy. The Australian Republicans however, have the intent to remove this system of governance over selfish and ideological reasons. Whilst failing to provide a viable … Continue reading An Independent Australian Monarchy

National Wattle Day

"In spring, the most delicate feathery yellow of plumes and plumes and plumes and trees and bushes of wattle, as if angels had flown right down out of the softest gold regions of heaven to settle here, in the Australian bush."- D.H. Lawrence, Kangaroo Today, is the first day of Australian Spring. A time in … Continue reading National Wattle Day

On Monarchy

Monarchy; one of the most lambasted and caricatured forms of government. Ask a liberal or your run-of-the-mill socialist or even an anarchist, they will say that the reason that monarchy is the worst form of government is that it is no different than any other dictatorship and that it is somehow inherently tyrannical. I even … Continue reading On Monarchy

Whitlam’s Dismissal

Recently, developments about Governor-General John Kerr and his dismissal of Gough Whitlam have resurfaced again. Recent news indicates that the High Court will be declassifying the 211 letters sent by Governor-General Kerr to the Queens private secretary Sir Martin Charteris. These letters, are being used by the Australian Republican Movement to try and connect their … Continue reading Whitlam’s Dismissal

Aboriginal Slave Trade?

The myths and exaggerations of Slavery in Australia have demonstrated how little the Australian academic elite understand the topic. Many such academics and journalists have misinterpreted what Slavery is. In this essay we will delve into this topic piece by piece to determine if the accusations of Slavery in Australia existed, to the extent that … Continue reading Aboriginal Slave Trade?