The Evils of Multiculturalism

Oh where to begin with this. You proberally think that I’m some sort of Alt-Right, White Supremacist, Fascist, Nazi for even questioning this. But I laugh at your attempts to label me and try to denounce and belittle my opinion. Though I do believe that it has done more harm than good. So without any further adieu, this is what I think about Multiculturalism.

I believe that as Humans, we all naturally believe in our own respective races. And to me if a man or woman believes in their own race, they believe in their own families. Not because you believe in your own race or your own family doesn’t mean you want to injure or harm other races or families.

However, when you take Humanity, stuff it in a bag, shake it together….only God would know what’ll come out. We can live in peace and friendship side by side but in separate nations and separate developments. But we cannot have the mix up of the peoples and races; whom of which are all widely different and divergent, it’ll only lead to nothing but trouble.

It is in this era, this ‘Global’ era; what will our descendants read in the history books? Would Australians have stood firm; if we stood greatly, it would be a matter of honour for generations upon generations to come. If we chose the right choices in our policies, the right choices in our actions and the right laws to enforce them, maybe we could redeem ourselves.


I for one, believe not in the mixing of races in some selfish belief that I’m enriching the Australian culture and race. I do not believe in melding other cultures in a feign attempt at improving our own. I believe that nations, people, cultures should all be separate. When travelling to another nation, you want to see wonders outside of your own nation, but if you believe in mixing races and cultures, you will only get the same everywhere. To preserve cultures, we mustn’t mix races which are wildly different from one and the other, we should keep them separated from another. But we can all have our friendships, live in peace however, you must understand that mixing people up will only create tension, trouble and unjust problems.

If you truly want cultures and races to be as divergent, different and unique then leave them in their own nations. Mixing Humanity will be a disaster and in Australia’s case, it is already a disaster. It has failed and now Australia is on the path to become a Nation of Tribes. A Nation of Tribes will devolve into anarchy, chaos and wars. Those who are Leftists, Antifa, Anti-Racists(which is the Australian equivalent to Antifa) Communists, Socialists, Globalists, Multiculturalists and most of those who are on the Left are leading Australians to that fate. Do you want a Nation of Tribes? Do you want Australia to shatter into many countries who don’t even share the same languages? Do you want Australia to be in constant war?

The Australian Left does

The only way to get Australia back, is for drastic change; how that should be enacted is based on your own perspective at this point, but I’ll say what I think should happen.

Australia should follow the Polish immigration policy or reintroduce the White Australia Policy (BTW it isn’t as racist and as xenophobic of a policy that many of you were taught in school, I recommend delving into the White Australia Policy by clicking on the hyperlink), deport a lot of these immigrants, those who arrived during 2008 to now, reorganize Australian industry and provide more Australian jobs, improve Australian welfare so it only benefits Australians or get rid of it entirely. Though this is merely my half arsed thoughts on a solution, maybe there’s some weight in what I think, but that’s up to you.

I know that this won’t happen anytime soon or at all. But this is what is on my mind about the whole topic and what I truly think Multiculturalism is. I don’t want every human being to be grey and bland, but this is what I think Leftists are leading us all towards.

Let us put Australia Back on Track.

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