Who am I?

Hi there! If you’re new, well I just wanna say hi to ya and thanks for taking your time to have a gander at what I want to talk about.

I’m known as Yatzie; pronounced like Yahtzee, ya know like the board game. I prefer to be known by my Username since it just seems fitting online. Anyway, what will this website be about?

Well, it’ll be about what I feel like chatting about or what is on my mind. But generally it’ll involve topics from Australia such as topics involving Australian politics, culture, history, media and so on.

I will warn those who are PC and in many ways leftist; I don’t give two shits about offending ya, take it or leave it, this site is for me to put down what I truly think and feel about the state of affairs affecting me and my country.

However, I will appreciate it if people would criticize or challenge my views. This is not a safe space or an echo chamber for people who share my views. I want to know your views on a topic, so I can assess my own views and develop them into a refined perspective. You may disagree with what I will say, or you may agree who knows. But I would like to read what you have to say and where you’re coming from. That way we can both learn from one and another.

I wouldn’t like it if you purely despise me based on my views and perspectives. I want to have some civil discourse and try to understand your point of view just as much as you would try to understand mine. Also most of what I’ll be putting down in blogs would mostly be half arsed thoughts I have on issues and topics. Maybe there will be references and maybe there will not, if there is though I will hyperlink them. This is mostly just a site where I would put my ideas, views, ideological perspectives and interests on. So don’t expect a master level or professional article piece because this is just a half arsed site.

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