Australia’s future

I’ve been thinking about this for a long while now. But I’m getting increasingly worried for Australia’s future. As it stands, I believe we are at a crossroads that’ll decide the fate of our fair, sun burnt land and the Australians that live here.

In the past, Australia was culturally, socially, racially and pretty much very similar to Britain, with some original traits here and there with the states. However over time Australia had it’s own conflicts and events; such as the Eureka Stockade, Ned Kelly, Rum Rebellion and Frontier Wars to name a few. But it was from these that aided in forming the Australian identity. Even the White Australian Policy aided in forming it too, safe guarding Australians from wildly different and hostile nations that surrounded the continent. Though I will acknowledge the Stolen Generation also played a part as well. Though that can be a hot topic that I’ll delve into, in another post.


And yet, in recent Australian history, after the events of World War 2 and the beginning of the Cold War. Australia and the USA had created a close relationship to one and another. But it was around this time that Australia began to lose its own identity, customs and principles. Around the 60s to late 80s, Australia became more ‘Americanized’, taking in a lot of American culture, policies and principles. Today Australia is regarded to be a ‘slightly better America’ instead of being its own country. And yet Australia is having ethnic, cultural and social problems that are tearing this nation apart.

I want to see an Australia that isn’t Britainized or Americanized. Instead I’d rather that we build our own national identity, our own strong culture steaming from our past and the country. It is high time that Australians start acting like Australians. Not this ‘Multicultural, diverse’ people bullshit. Australia is NOT a dumping ground for other nations people! Australia needs to unify under one flag, one anthem, one people, one religion, one nation. If not, Australia will delve into depravity, debauchery, disunity and Australia will cease to exist, and it its place, there will be a Nation of Tribes.

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