ABCs Push on Rape Culture in Australian Universities

Well the ABC is at it yet again. The ABC is manufacturing lies about a ‘Rape Culture’ in Australia’s universities, just like what mainstream media in most, possibly all, western nations have shoved down societies throat. To perpetuate the notion that one of three women are raped on campus is ridiculous.

I’ve been at University for two years (not in Uni currently), and not once have I seen someone get raped or sexually assaulted. With that notion that one of three women are somewhat assaulted in University, I should have seen it, but, I haven’t even seen one in my two years in University. At my Uni, there are cameras everywhere, and in every nook and cranny and every alleyway in different angles, if there WAS a rape or sexual assault, the Uni security would be in the area in just two minutes or less to deal with the situation.


Now the ABC are just shoving random numbers (biased Statistics) in the publics face, in some attempt to solidify their narrative. This is just plain wrong. On the 1st of August 2017, the ABC were pushing their narrative by suggesting 6.9% weekly a student is assaulted, yet provide no concrete evidence throughout that whole ‘argument’. Then claiming the majority of perpetrators are men. Yet again, this is exactly what CNN and the BBC have been claiming with their narratives. Demonizing men because a minority of men have been rapists in the past. That is saying a minority dictates how a majority acts.

This is nothing more than Leftist scaremongering propaganda, based on lies and faulty evidence; that of which has been debunked many times over. This is just a copy and paste tactic used by the Leftist main stream media that has been used in Britain, USA, Canada and other western nations.


This will do nothing but demonize men to the point that they won’t even go to Uni and women would be too afraid to even enter a Uni. It is a lose lose situation for Universities in Australia. But it won’t matter to the ABC and Leftist MSM because their fabricated narrative is being enforced and enacted. However, the Australian people are not morons, they are pretty well informed of these Socialist pushes that the Media and Government are pushing, and the MSM and Govt should be cautious because the Australian people are getting more and more pissed about all of this bullshit.

If you want to look up those who have debunked this idiocy, I will provide the link to Independent Mans videos on the subject, since he has done quite the informative debunk on the subject:

Manufacturing Australia’s Next Epidemic

Manufacturing Australia’s Next Epidemic Part 2

And this here is the MSMs ‘evidence’ on a ‘Rape Culture’ in Universities:

Just stop with this bullshit.

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