The ADF needs to change from this PC bullshit and move towards becoming an effective and healthy Military Organization

Looks like the Australian military has completely jumped off the deep end and into the shark infested waters. Figuratively as in, the Australian Defence Force has jumped into the PC, social justice, feminist and Leftist infested waters. If you haven’t heard about this, then I envy your ignorance to the issue at hand.


The Australian military has banned men from the military. Completely stupid? I know, but now only women are allowed in the military. The Leftist infested ADF is trying to create an Equality of Outcome scenario in the Australian military in the Lefts regressive attempt to create a 50/50 ratio of men and women in the army, navy and air force. This bullshit needs to stop. Men and women are different, they are not the same. Men are built differently to women and vice versa.

In the Military, you want the STRONGEST, CAPABLE and RESOURCEFUL people to be in the military, as well as to be HEALTHY both physically and mentally. And guess what? Men tend to be stronger than women! Oooooo, shocker, isn’t it? How dare I reinforce a ‘stereotype’ about women being weaker than men. I mean it’s not like science and nature has proven that to be the case. This is not about who is inferior or superior, this is just common sense. Men are much stronger, capable and resourceful than women in the military. A study showing three units, one unit is fully male, the other is fully female and the other is mixed. As it turns out in that study, the fully male unit surpassed the other units by far in co-ordination, effectiveness and strength. In the mixed group, the men had to help the women out which slowed the unit down and lessened their co-ordination, effectiveness and strength. And lastly, the female unit, it suffered a lot in terms of co-ordination, effectiveness and strength.

Now tell me, why is the ADF using the weakness of women and instead of their strength? They are pushing women into purely masculine areas in the military, which requires upper body strength, intense training sessions and other stuff that caters to the male body and mind. Which happens to be the hard stuff such as front-line soldiers, artillery and the such. The military is using the strength of men and NOT their weakness.

You shouldn’t use someone’s weakness and call it a strength, this is not a Saturday cartoon, this is reality. Women’s strength in a militaristic sense should be communications, medical aid and so on. Why not cater to THAT strength of women? Oh wait, the Leftist ideology says that whatever a man can do a woman can do better, well in reality that isn’t the case. Why not create a contingent that caters to that strength of women?

Here are my thoughts on the matter (it isn’t refined and it is mostly half-arsed):

Female focused area which caters to Communication, Medical Aid and Logistics. Which can be split into two areas; Front-Line and Rear. Front-Line should cater to the Logistics part as a primary focus as well as Medical Aid as a second focus, then Communications to a lesser degree while being trained the basics of shooting a gun. The Front-Line would be used to replenish the Foot Soldiers, Artillery, etc with ammo, food, equipment and the such. Rear primary focus should be about Medical Aid and Communications; where the women would be taught how to treat injuries, illness and so on to a high degree in the medical aid area while for Communications they would be taught how to communicate with soldiers on the field, in the air, and so on, to relay communication, orders and so on. Of course, they would be taught how to shoot but at a very basic level almost skeletal in its basicness. The Rear should focus the female strength of nurturing, medical expertise and the multitasking ability to deliver and receive orders.

Maybe for visual differences, the Front-Line would have similar armour to the men but have a red cross on their left arm and a red stripe on their helmet. While the Rear would be very similar to the WWI Red Cross Nurses uniform since they wouldn’t be near the front-lines or be in the thick of any battle.

This is just an example and not even a good one but at least I took the effort to use the strength and potential of women to what they could be used for in the military, just how the men have been used for their strength and potential.

So, my closing argument to the ADF is to stop this Politically Correct, Equality of Outcome, Feminist bullshit. The ADF should be a military organization and not a social club. If you really need help in trying to figure out the roles of women, why not use the raw idea I have mentioned above? Obviously refine it since it is just an idea. The military shouldn’t use weakness, it should stamp it out and only get the strong. Men and Women are wired and made differently, so use the strengths of both, not the weakness of one to piggy-back on the strength of another. Who cares if it is ‘stereotypical’ and enforces a stereotype, if it works why fix it? Lives are at stake, use your bloody head.

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