Problems facing Australia and the West in General

I’ve been getting a little worried about Australia and White Nations as a whole. I’ve been looking at non-western countries including Russia, Eastern Europe, Japan, China, India, etc. In cultural and national pride, economics, inventiveness, social cohesion and racial hegemony. There are many factors in this but I just have to say something about all of this shit that has infected the West and White Nations around the world.


Let us start from the beginning, Cultural and National Pride. I think that in Western Nations including Australia, USA, Canada, France, UK and so on are having an inverse situation of the old colonial powers and an infection of self-shaming to further destabilize a nations pride and culture. What do I mean when I talk about the ‘inverse situation of old colonial powers’, well I mean as in, the constant waves of mass migration in an attempt to atone for the sins of our ancestors. Believing that this’ll somehow atone for that, however instead of atoning for colonialism or past wars, the Western White Nations are suffering from a new kind of colonialism, something that I’d like to call, Diversity Colonialism; bring in people who don’t care for the Wests way of life or cultures, out-breed the native and white populations and push them out of suburbs, towns, cities, states and so on. Say what you will, it is Colonialism but of a different stripe, hence why I call it Diversity Colonialism. In Australia, we are bringing in more Middle Eastern, Asian and African people at an alarming amount and rate. These people don’t care for the Nation nor the Culture of the people who live here, they only care for the free money they are getting via Welfare. Obviously not all but a fucking LARGE majority do this shit. These immigrants also push cultures, values and principles upon the majority, of which these are incompatible with Australian Culture and Pride. Australia needs to reinvigorate, revitalize and reinforce its National and Cultural Pride. Bring back White Australian culture and Aboriginal culture, these two are the cultures in which shaped and created Australia to the nation we know today. In recent years, both White Australian and Aboriginal cultures have been diminished by the HUGE influx of immigrants with vastly different cultures, customs and so on, this’ll only further destroy the White Australian culture and Aboriginal culture, however more so with the Aboriginal culture due to how small and weaker, it is compared to the White Australian culture; and since the two are intertwined with each other, whatever affects White Australia WILL affect the Aboriginals but to a higher extent. Australia should put its culture above all others and not be ashamed of showing it; and no, I’m not saying that Australians should dismiss other cultures, all I’m saying is that the Australian culture is to be put ahead of other cultures, similar to Russian culture, Eastern Europe’s cultures and so on. Australia needs to tighten its immigration, heavily vet the immigrants and refugees and keep them on a VERY short leash just like the East. We shouldn’t be played like fools and we should start to take action in the internal affairs of Australia and the future for Australia as a Nation and as a Culture. We shouldn’t go down the same path as the Byzantine Empire, falling to the Islamic Ottomans. We of the West have superior cultures than the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Central and South Americas, we should be proud of this achievement, not belittle ourselves because other cultures are lesser than ours. We have superior technologies, cultures, economic and political systems; at present, there is nothing whatsoever that the West can benefit from in other cultures, so at present it doesn’t need to be open to other cultures. The problem for the West is, that the West doesn’t recognize its own superiority due in part to the degradation of the Wests Cultural and National Pride and let us not forget the Regressive Ideology of the Left further pushing the West backwards in an attempt to make other lesser cultures feel better about their regressive cultures and primitive values.


Now let’s go onto social cohesion and racial hegemony. For social cohesion, in the West and Australia, it is getting increasingly difficult to speak up about issues that are affecting Australians. If you are a White Australian, try having a conversation without being labeled as a racist, bigot, nazi or those other spicy labels that are thrown by people who have been indoctrinated in ‘tolerance’, ‘liberty’ and ‘acceptance’. Nowadays in Australia and potentially the West; trying to speak about stuff politically or even trying to have a conversation, can only be obtained in private areas or between close friends due to the fear of being labeled and losing their job/career. Now onto racial hegemony, the West, particularly White nations have witnessed the White populations decrease. People with European backgrounds should be worried about this. This includes Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and other former Colonies. In Europe, it’ll be disastrous since White Europeans are native to Europe and the constant influx of African, Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants and refugees are only further pushing White Europeans out from their native lands and nations. This is the same thing with Australia, NZ, USA, etc, since the White populations have created those nations to what they are now. If you’d like to see what it is like without Whites or a white minority in an ethnically diverse nation, look no further than South Africa and how Black South Africans treat White South Africans and Boers as well as the productivity of South Africa is affected by such treatment/genocide of White South Africans and Boers. I believe in that Europe should stay White just as much as how China should stay Chinese. If you need further convincing about by stance on that, click on this hyperlink.

And now onto Inventiveness. The West has been the primary inventive civilization in the world, creating and improving upon inventions such as Medicine, Technology, Mathematics, Politics, Literature and so on. What has Africans and Middle Eastern people have done recently? Or even Asians? What have they done to contribute to the world?


Well this is all I can think of at this present moment, take it as you will, but just consider what I’ve said. I’m just very concerned with how the West as a whole is heading and I’m extremely concerned with the path Australia is heading down due to the Pollies pushing Regressive ideological policies, laws and principles onto the majority of Australians. I’m getting sick and tired of this shit.

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