What happened to the Australian?

Back in the day in Australia, a city would harbor Australian culture and Australian people. The Australian people would be the majority in those cities, from Hobart to Darwin to Perth. The Australian people would walk around the magnificence of what their ancestors built and died for them. Each Australian had their own story, but they were all one people, they spoke one language, they were all ethnically descendant from Western Europeans with some Eastern Europeans here and there.


Our ancestors would be disgusted with what our leaders and our people let happen.


Today there are non-Australians in those cities. They do not speak the language, they speak their own languages. They are ethnically immigrants from other nations that did not even build or die for Australia. They are all different people with different cultures with different languages and different goals all loosely tied with the vague idea of Australian values that are not even enforced but encouraged to be optional.


The magnificence of Australia has been tarnished by other peoples and other cultures that are wildly different to the Australian people and culture. The idea of Australians acting and being Australian have been regressed to being labelled as racist, bigoted, supremacist, fascist, Nazi and other derogatory labels.

I shall leave an anecdote of an experience that has stuck with me throughout the years:

“I was at Flinders Station, Melbourne, waiting for my train to arrive however it was delayed. I decided to walk around Flinders Street. On my way out of the Station, there was a rather large group of Chinese tourists. All about five feet tall, they were quite short compared to me personally. While waiting for the traffic lights to turn green for pedestrians to walk, a small contingent of the Chinese tourists walked up to me. One of them spoke to me, however that person had a heavy Chinese accent, quite stereotypical but I could understand.

The Chinese tourist asked me, “Are you Australian?”

I answered, “Yes?”

“Where are the other Australians?” he continued with his question.

“What do you mean?” I enquired.

The Chinese tourist continued, “I only see other Chinese people, Black people and people who are not Australian, where are the Australians?” The Chinese tourist was a lot more blunt than me back then, when it came down to defining race visually.

I thought about that for a few seconds, this caught me off guard. I have not even considered that.

However, the traffic lights turned green and everyone walked. Since we were going in different directions, the small Chinese tourist just said to me a final time, “We’d rather have gone to Hong Kong, it would have saved us the trip and the money.”

That stuck with me throughout the years. Now when I look at Melbourne and the suburbs surrounding the city; there are people of Asian descent, African descent, Middle Eastern descent, basically everyone that aren’t ethnically or culturally Australian.


Australia is on the same path that resulted in the ethnic and cultural destruction of France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and other Western Nations. It is too painful to watch as everything our ancestors have fought for, have died for and created for; be destroyed not by war, but gradual ethnic and cultural degradation. The Australian people are being bred out and replaced with a mongrel people who don’t even speak the same language or share common interests. The future looks bleak for Australia.


We either Rise Up and stand by what our ancestors died for or we will become a dusty footnote in history.

What would you prefer? To go out in a blaze of glory or shrivel away like a candlelight in a light breeze? Rise Up for Australia and put Australia Back on Track, or allow Australia to shatter into a Nation of Tribes, never unified, never one people and never Australian.

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