A Better Australia, a Free Australia

It’s time to change. Australia is suffering from an addiction to growth, growth in population (via mass immigration) and consumption, and it’s destroying our support systems… little by little. When it comes to reducing Australia’s ecological footprint we not only need to reduce our consumption but our population growth. Since 2003, Australia’s net immigration has been extremely high at 200,000 plus. This is no longer the dark ages. We need to be able to debate freely the pros and cons of Australia’s policy of rapid population growth. Every day we need to build 400 new houses and more to accommodate this rapid growth, we need to build new hospitals, schools, roads and other important infrastructure, and it’s not only unsustainable, we are having to sell off our country to foreign interests to pay for it all.

Our current Liberal, Labor and even Greens politicians cannot bring themselves to question this growth. They are still thinking like it’s the 1950s. Unfortunately, they lack the courage to tell their party donors that we cannot grow forever, and our support systems are in dire need of repair today. These lazy politicians don’t have the courage to go to an election without donations from seedy vested interests.

The Australian Left; Perpetrators of White Australian Genocide

It is time to stop with this current trend. Australia has reached and surpassed the max population that it can sustain itself and now our systems are unstable. Politicians in the federal government and state government have failed Australia and they don’t wish to fix the problems they’ve helped to create and continue to foster. There is a better way but it will require radical change, Australia cannot survive like this for long let alone for another five years and the large boost of immigrants pouring into our lands.

For Australia to survive and remain Australian, we must cease all immigration, deport the immigrants/refugees/economic migrants, enforce new laws and legislations on banning the act of selling land to foreign interests, a new immigration system that is in the interests and sustainability of Australia; The White Australia Policy, a restructuring of politics and the necessary repairs for our education, health, infrastructure and other systems, in order to create and foster a better Australia, a Free Australia. Let us put Australia Back on Track.


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