Organised Chinese Government House Buying In Australia

Chinese In Australian Housing Market

In 2009 I got my Bachelor degree in Melbourne, then in 2010 I worked for 1 year in Sydney. In 2011 I returned to Beijing. I was waiting for the results of my permanent residency application. I wanted to work in China and then move to Australia permanently if I am accepted. I fell in love with Australia during my study and wanted to make a life there.

I started job hunting in Beijing. I was contacted about an opportunity for graduates from Australian universities. I thought that this was a recruitment event for a Chinese company that deals with Australia that was trying to recruit graduates who knew Australia. I thought there was nothing to lose by going to this event.

When I arrived at the venue it was clear it was a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) event. The CCP was mentioned on posters and by the authorities before the start. I was still  still a…

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