Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

There was a time, when a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. His loving wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family that she so loves. Dad worked hard, hanged out with his mates at the pub and went back home to his loving family. In the streets there were happy faces, all of which were like theirs. Proud and happy people of Australia.



That Australia is gone.


Now that man faces increasingly foreign and hostile faces. He cannot support a family of less than one child, so his wife must work every day as well. His kids are strangers to him, being brought up by the Multicultural state to hate their heritage, culture and race. His children are brought up with Marxist ideologies of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ of others who wish to kill them. All the while the Elite in this Multicultural country have already had plans to make this Australian man extinct, declare his way of life oppressive and his freedoms outlawed.

African Apex Gangs in Australia, killing Australians

This blatant attack on the White Australian has gone un-noticed from the outside world. Too many Australians believe in the false god of Multiculturalism and the depraved Secularist propaganda enforced by the Educational system and hammered into unwitting Australians through the Mainstream Media.


Australians today do not consider race, culture or nationality that defines what an Australian to be. They believe that an Australian is a set of principles and customs, a guideline on a piece of paper that dictates how to act like an Australian, and thus you become one.


If it were that easy…


If it is the case, that a guideline on a piece of paper can dictate how to be an Australian, then by that definition I can walk up to the nearest Japanese embassy and become Racially, Culturally and Nationally Japanese just by following a guideline on a piece of paper.


That is complete and utter lunacy.


An Australian is not a set of principles and customs on a piece of paper, there is more to being an Australian than that. Australians, racially, culturally and nationally are Anglo-Celts. Dating all the way back from our Convict and Colonial heritage, a True Australian is one of the Anglo-Celt race, culture and nationality.


Australia has a White History, a glorious and proud history. Who among you know of Australia’s founding fathers? Do you know of Governor Lachlan Macquarie? Or have Australians been lied to?


Governor Lachlan Macquarie

Modern Multicultural Australia is not Australia. It is a lie. It is a method in fostering White Guilt in young Australians into believing in Original Sin, that the sins of our fathers lay on ourselves and our children for all time.


Enough is enough!


This Anti-White, Anti-Australian march has gone unchallenged for decades. From the slow erosion of the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 to today, this Anti-Australian march has been unhindered. Today, Multicultural Australia is big, diverse and unstable. Australia is being turned from a successful hegemonious White Anglo-Celtic nation to a Nation of Tribes, that I would call Terra Nullius.


Australia has fallen to Communism/Fascism with it’s Multicultural, Secular bullshit

Australia’s pollies would have you to believe that being Australian is to embrace Multiculturalism, Secularism, Atheism and Pluralist Marxist ideologies. This is a Communistic approach which the Soviet Union and Mao’s China used to create and hold onto their Communist Nations. Is this our fate? A proud and respectful Australian race to be expunged because of these Communistic teachings?


I say No.


Australians can be proud and respectful, but we must put our Christian Anglo-Celtic people first! That is an Australian, not these false ‘Australians’ who don’t even speak English let alone know our history. It’s time to get off your collective arses and start speaking up against this Authoritarian, Gaystapo.


Australia is the land of the White Anglo-Celtic people. It should stay that way. That is what made Australia so world renowned. It was a successful nation.


Terra Nullius isn’t. It is a Multicultural shit show, filled with Chinese, Vietnamese, Africans, Arabs, Hispanics and other non-Whites with differing faiths, cultures, customs and principles. What happens when a war breaks out? All these racially different peoples (who hate each other) would need to be put into concentration camps? No, there are too many. Deport them? With the Leftist Dogs breathing down our necks, they will see that as a Human rights violation (even though it is not).

Multiculturalism doesn’t create diversity, it destroys it

Is this the fate of Australia? Never whole, Never one people, Never one country. But a Nation of Tribes, who don’t care for the country that they in, but as long as they get money they do not care for the wellbeing of it. Our ancestors that died at Gallipoli, came here on ships and slaved away building our nation, would never have put their lives at risk so that these other races can destroy Australia from within.


Stand Up for what it means to be an Australian! A True Australian! Anglo-Celt! One Nation, One People, One Flag O’er Us! Let’s Put Australia Back on Track!


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