Australia’s Future

The current climate of Australia is rather worrying to those that are politically aware and are attentive to the political parties at play. Many Australians wouldn’t know what is going on with our government and how it will affect them.

Currently, the Labor party of Australia have been doubling down with their leftist rhetoric and Anti-Australian policies. From their boasting of opening our borders, to legalising Gender Neutral birth certificates and all the way to ripping up the Australian Constitution and to force in a Republic.


People need to be aware of the implications all of these have on Australia and Australians. If any of you currently reading this have been reading my previous posts, you’d understand that I detest Australia becoming a Republic for a very good reason.

I see the Australian Crown as interwoven into the very fabric of Australian society, Constitution, Laws, the Rights and Liberties we all take for granted, our way of life, our English language, our culture and our heritage. It is a part of who we are as the Australian people. It is the very heart of Australia itself.

Republicans have come out to state that we must have an Australian as our Head of State. Which we do. They have stated that the Crown is foreign. Which is not. They pick and choose their semantics in order to derail the Constitution and the Crown in order to gain useful idiots that have no idea that they are about to topple the most stable Constitution and the most luckiest country in the world just so we can become akin to America.

America; a nation divided from within based on politics, America the country that is teetering on a potential civil war is what these Republicans in Australia point to as the best system of government that we can go for. Clearly they are deluded by their ideology and blind to the mere fact that our System of Government is better than the Americans System of Government on many levels. We unlike the Americans do not need to submit ourselves to a political party. We have the one liberty that Americans do not have. The liberty of having a Non-Political body. That cannot be acquired by a Republic. Due to everything being political, and to have a non-political head of state to get elected is quite frankly impossible since an election dictates that a candidate must be political. And an election to have many financiers and lobby groups in order for their candidate to win, thus in a Republic there cannot be a Non-Political head of state. Even when chosen by a Prime Minister, who must also be politically elected, the proposed ‘Non-Political’ president would just be a useless tool used by a Politically elected and Politically driven Prime Minister. Which just means that the ‘head of state’ is still going to be political, but it’s just with extra steps.

A Republic dictates that everything must be political, everything must be Left or Right, everything must have an election. A Republic states that the people must follow a party, no matter what ills they will do, what finances the party, what controls the party. Is that really the best system of government?

Political parties are about ideology for the most part. As recent politics in Australia have made it quite clear that trusting a politician one day, might backstab the Australian people the next. By giving more power to the politicians and more freedoms to exercise their new powers, they can declare our rights one day and declare what they are not, the next. If you do not believe me, it has been happening all over in Africa and within the EU; which styles itself from America.

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Bill Shorten, the current Opposition Leader, Labor MP, had proposed if he is elected into the Federal Parliament next year that he will push within a 100 days of his term a plebiscite about a Republic. The Question reads: “Do You Want an Australian Republic with an Australian Head of State?”

This question, seems as if it is asking an innocent question to those that are not politically aware or do not care for politics as a whole. However, this question does not give the option for the Australian people to say no. It has been carefully worded so that it’ll garner the most Yes votes and in doing so, Shorten will push onto the Republic Referendum yet again. And yet, I get the idea that this is much like the EU with their referendums where the people must keep voting until they get ‘the right answer’ over and over again. Is that really democracy?

I’d rather not have a Fitzsimons, Turnbulls or Shortens presidential families governing Australia. Whereas I’d much prefer to have a non-political entity as our family, being the Royal Family.


Many Young Australians have been growing in support of our Constitutional Monarchy and the Royal Family. Our Royal Family. If a Republic is declared, the people will no longer have any members of the Royal Family coming here and the only time they will, will only be within the Commonwealth of Nations gatherings. There will not be any lengthy tours, meet-and-greets, none of that.

Please, make no mistake when reading this. Republicans intend to remove our Crown at any cost. The very heart of our Constitution, the soul of the Australian these Republicans wish to rip out and toss away. The very same Republicans that despise Australia Day with their claims to change the date when their Republic is declared and to change our flag and anthem to get rid of our history and heritage to which many members have declared it to be ‘promoting Imperialism and Hatred’

However, many Australians today would not know of how our system of government works, or even the Crowns function. Which is unfortunate since our Crown symbolises our heritage, from our British beginnings to today as well as a purposeful exercise in our constitutional system of governance. It is our safeguard, our only safeguard from the power hungry politicians and elites that intend to turn Australia into whatever fancy suit them. The people of Australia will suffer as a result.

I for one, intend to Keep The Crown. Because I’d rather Ditch The Clown that is a potential president. We are not like America. Last time I’ve checked, this is Australia.

2 thoughts on “Australia’s Future

  1. Many Australian Nationalists have lost faith in the Royal family who are all multiculturalists. The system will need to change if White Australia is to survive.


    1. Does the system need to change? For what reason? Since nearly 2/3rds of politicians are non-australian and are majority Multiculturalists, shouldn’t we as nationalists focus more on the Body Politic rather than the Royal family?

      As well as, the direct line might be, but their cousins are not Multiculturalists. Whereas our politicians are ready and waiting for a Republic to sell Australia off. And seeing how well France, USA, Germany are currently going, is a Republic the best option given how Multi-racial we are?

      White Australia’s last surviving pillar, that is the only thing from stopping the Left from completely re-writing our history, erasing our culture and plunging Australia into balkanisation is in fact the Crown.

      Let’s say we got rid of the Crown, now we’ve got thousands of Multicultural Politicians that had just finalised and solidified into their Republic a Multicultural bedrock, forever cementing Multiculturalism into Australia. As well as Leftist Laws that will be forever legalised and Australia will be no more.

      You can read my other posts that I have done, about the Crown and Australia in this site.


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