Traitors within Australia

Recently, the traitorous politician Bill Shorten, leader of the Labor Party of Australia has announced that if he becomes the next Prime Minister, he will force Australians to another referendum on a Republic within his first term, first via a Plebiscite, cleverly designed to garner the most yes votes and if that succeeds, then straight up to a referendum.

For quite a few decades now, the mainstream media, the political class and the academics have been pushing for Australia to become a Republic and to sever the last remaining link of our history, our culture, our way of life, our people by breaking our link with the Crown and HRH the Queen.

Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia

If you’ve done your history lesson, you’d find that in the referendum in 1999 on abolishing the Constitution, Monarchy and System of Government in favour of a Republic with a President chosen by the Parliament. Where a majority of Australians voted No, where four out of six states had to vote in favour so that the referendum can pass, in which case, no state in Australia had voted in favour of it. It was the biggest defeat for any Referendum in Australia to date.

However, today, the situation seems more serious and dangerous given that the political class is becoming increasingly Republican. The Green Party for example, have had a long history of support for Australia to become a Republic, even going so far as to when Australians enact their rights within the Constitution to acquire a portrait of the Queen, they will also give out flyers and other propaganda about an Australian Republic to go along with it. Not only that, but recently with the Labor party also shifting towards the Left and thus closer to the Greens, which means, many Labor MPs being Republican and as seen with Shortens promise having little to no retorts, one will assume that they are in support of a Republic.

However, many Republicans have stated that they will push for a Republic once the HRH the Queen dies. That, in and of itself, says a great deal about the character of the Republican traitors who pretend to be respected statesmen. Bill Shorten however, sees no reason to wait for the the Queen to die and has no problem overthrowing the 92-year old World War II veteran who is also the longest reigning monarch in British and Australian history.

Many academics within Australia also stress the insistence that the Australian Monarchy is not ours and is foreign. They do this to sever our link and to erode any dissent and objection. However, the problem is also with the acceptable level of Anti-British, and Anti-Australian bigotry within Australia. The people won’t see mobs running around attacking Australians but lets be honest, the British and namely White Australians are the most acceptable group to denigrate, insult, mock and disparage in Australia. Saying anything derogatory about any other ethnic group such as the Aboriginals or Immigrants will land you in very hot water, but you can say anything you like about the ‘bloody Poms’ and ‘fucking Australians’ in Australia and you’ll might even get a laugh.

Leftist Meme about Australians

It is ridiculous and highly stupid. Due to the mere fact that the British and Australian peoples are actually not different peoples at all. By heaping scorn on the British, the Australians are heaping scorn on their own forefathers, pioneers, the convicts that came to Australia on prison hulks, even scorning the Diggers of World War I and II. There’s even Americans that speak about the War of Independence with at least a certain degree of regret on the ground that it had created the false impression that the British and Americans were different peoples, that European colonists in America were no longer Europeans but, somehow, had become an entirely different breed. However the same thinking is quite noticeable within the countries of the former British Empire, from Canada to Australia, with our people suffering from an identity crisis in which we can only define ourselves in a negative way; by what we are ‘not’.

Politicians, Academics and MSM in Australia, still target the Crown. They need a people to be disconnected from their roots, their history, their heritage and so on. A Monarch, be it ceremonial or practical is still a symbol that these power-hungry politicians want to see brought down.

For the very same reason, debates about the Monarchy in Australia also tend to go hand in hand with the ‘on again, off again’ debate about the Australian flag with the treasonous crowd wishing to do away with the Australian Flag because of the mere presence of the Union Jack in the canton, stating that it makes it ‘too British’ for the very anti-Australian traitors. Even the same debate can be noticed from the Australia Day debates, on whether or not to change the date, where the traitors intend to rid Australia of its very founding date to disconnect us from our history and where Australia started so that they can forge their own founding date for their Republic.

The point of all of this is to seperate the people from their roots, water down their identity and the politicians, media and academics will say or do anything to make that happen.

The Australian flag blowing in the wind
Australian Flag

Take for instance, Canada. It was argued that the traditional national flag, the Canadian Red Ensign, was ‘too British’ and that, under a new and unique design, the French Canadians of Quebec would feel ‘more Canadian’ and less like a different people. Well, as the facts of history have shown, they actually are a different people and changing the flag did nothing to change that fact. If anything, the French Canadians dislike the new flag more since it has completely gone away with representing them. And so Quebec still tried to secede from Canada and becoming a republic on their own, however, by the time that happened, Quebec had too many non-French Canadians in the province to achieve the result that most French Canadians wanted.

Make no mistake about it, if Bill Shorten or any other Republican Traitor to have their way, Australia will cease to exist entirely. The vilification of the British and Australian has consequences. It is all usually wrapped up in the vilification of the British Empire and the desire of modern Australians to distance themselves from it. However, as a former colony, Australia would not have existed without the British Empire. Do away with the Crown, do away with the Flag and what is left? The people, you might say. Not so fast for I bring dire news. Mr Mark Steyn wrote that while Australia has recently reached a high population of 24 million, this is not the result of growth in the Native stock (white) Australian or even European-descended majority population. But from the Lebanese immigrants to Australia have 3 children per couple, Syrian immigrants have 3.5 while Australian born women have only 1.86. Within a few generations, as Steyn shows, this means that the majority population becomes a minority. Given how democratic we all are these days, that means the descendants of those who built Australia will have no power at all. How then can Australia be considered Australia at all then? This is why these Republicans are traitors, not just traitors to their Queen and Country, but traitors to their people, their history and their entire civilisation.

Do not fall for their lies and deceit. Do not let Bill Shorten or these Republican traitors, to cut the crimson thread of kinship. For their cult of the Immigrant, their emphasis on separateness for ethnic groups, their wooing of Asia and their shunning of Britain are all part of this thread-cutting.


6 thoughts on “Traitors within Australia

    1. I wonder to how long his reign is going to be regardless.

      Given that as well, our politicians, a VAST MAJORITY are staunch globalists and will sell us out like sponge cake. And they have such as with Victoria that the politicians have sold 11% Victorian crowned land to Aboriginals without consultation or telling the public, or that the Vic govt have done that illegal Chinese deal so that the Chinese are to build the infrastructure and not the government. Basically the government is outsourcing its duties to other governments.

      I wouldn’t support politicians in any form or creed.


      1. And if that National Populist leader is gone, who is to say a Communist leader would take over and ruin what the National Populist had done.

        What if Trump in the next American election loses to a Democrat candidate? Would that candidate allow for Trumps policies to continue or to abolish them much like to what Whitlam had done to the White Australia Policy?

        Even if, a politician does something right. Another will waltz right up by and ruin what that individual worked so tirelessly to do. It may not be the next candidate, but later down the track, the political pendulum will swing left and all the work that has been done by the National Populist will be for nothing.

        Politicians sway with the politics of the day, they do not care for the past or the future. It is in their nature.


  1. I was thinking more of a real monarch, perhaps a “president for life”, a leader with a military background. The current system has been hijacked by anti-Australian interests. The British monarchy was clipped of exercising true power back in 1688. The Westminster system is now moribund and corrupt. Only a revolutionary overhaul will get us out of this mess.


    1. The Royal Family do have military backgrounds. Even the Queen herself does.

      Whereas I do agree that the current system has been hijacked by anti-australian traitors. But in any given Republic, these traitors are going to be the ruling elite class and that is not something I want.

      I don’t want to give politicians more power. If anything, I want things to return to the 1901 original version of the Australian system where politics was not the main show but the sideshow. Where politicians did not have as much power as they do now, thanks to Whitlam.

      My issue is not with the monarchy, they do not garner my anger or frustration. The Governor-General as well, with a military background does not garner my anger or frustration, it is the politicians, first, foremost and only.

      What does need a revolutionary overhaul is not the system of government, but the Party Politic that needs an overhaul. The Party Politic is the entity within the Australian system that needs to change.


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