Victorian Election 2018

There has been a myriad of factors at play to how things played out as they did, but this is what I’ve figured. Lets first start off with the elephant in the room. The Victorian Liberals.

Matthew Guy, the leader of the Victorian Liberals during the 2018 election was mostly a non-entity. No one within Victoria or from the outside knew about him unless you were a very attentive individual. Matthew Guy hasn’t been well known or even seen in the media, social platforms, or outside of his circles. And it was only until the election that he decided to show himself. Granted, that there has been a few good policies that he pushed but they were overshadowed by his rather left-leaning policies that he pushed in tandem. If anything, the policies he pushed during the election were merely, a lite version of what Labor has been promoting. Why settle for lite when you can get the full version instead? The man himself wasn’t even up to the task, he was pathetic in getting his message across, given the amount of evidence and chances to take Labor on.

Matthew Guy, Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party during the 2018 election

One would suspect that the Victorian Liberals were trying to emulate the late ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his leftist approach in a conservative party. Obviously, from chasing traditional Labor voters and other Leftist voters through their policies, trying to scrape as much of the left as they could, they had also, much like Turnbull, alienated a majority of the base that usually would have voted for the Liberal party. Those leftist voters were not going to vote for the Liberals, no matter how much they tried to bend over for them. The mere fact that they are not Labor is a clear indication that they weren’t going to vote for them.

Not to mention the other fallacy that the Victorian Liberals did not take advantage of. The party had a lot of ammunition against the Labor party due to the horrible crime that they’ve permitted to happen, the African gangs, the Islamic terrorist acts that even occurred during the election and even issues that the Asian communities are doing such as importation of drugs and money laundering. They did not use the ammunition that was just begging to be used but instead, they tied their hands behind their back, closed their eyes and tried to go at it alone and without anything to protect and defend themselves from the wolves that intended for their loss.

As well as the lack of advertisement. The Victorian Liberals refused to use social media platforms, Media outlets and other advertisement avenues that they could have benefited from and brought to light the corruption and blatant ineptitude of the Labor government. They, for some odd reason, just decided not to do anything. Pointing to people to look at their website instead of giving the people a quick explanation of their policies. Whilst Labor exploited that fact and used every little media platform they could get their hands on. However Labor unlike the Liberals during the Victorian election, had major help from the Unions, GetUp! and various left leaning grassroots organisations and groups that aided in their campaign. It’s almost as if the Liberal party of Victoria just wanted to lose.

Lets also mention the massive population replacement that has transpired in Victoria in the last 4 years that has uprooted what was once Anglo-Celtic and European suburbs, traditional Liberal voter areas. Now that population has transformed forcefully into a Multicultural and Multiethnic population that’s staunchly Labor. As leafy blue-ribbon Liberal seats in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are seeing rapid and massive transformations. As rezoning, changing local planning regulations, high-density development and ignoring heritage concerns have seen single-family homes, safe and secure neighbourhoods that once housed Liberal voters being knocked down and replaced for apartment blocks full of Labor-Greens renters whom of which are mostly on visas. Demographics is destiny and Guy, himself as planning minister had played a part in that uprooting. They have allowed for their safe seats to be pulled out from underneath them and they are confused to why their “New Australians” do not want to vote for them as Labor promises free money, free housing and free stuff off from the majority white, Anglo-Celtic Native Australians.

This has been a major blunder for the Liberal party and for the Coalition. But, to those that see it as a curse, might also see it as a blessing. What do I mean by this? Here is my reasoning. Firstly, the Coalition and the Liberal party at large can use this sobering time after the election to get their senses right. A reminder that they should not follow the aimless and rootless Turnbull method for the Liberals but instead embrace the Right. Clearly adopt Tony Abbott’s policies and principles, put him into the cabinet or give him the position to take Labor head on in the Federal Election in 2019.

Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia

The Victorian Election should be a reminder NOT to follow in the leftist attitude that the Turnbull legacy has infected the party with, but instead follow what the party was supposed to be, a Conservative party and not a lite version of Labor. Like I said, why settle for lite, if the full version is just waiting there and offering more? The Coalition must stand united, not just for their sake but for the sake of Australia. Make yourselves different, make your stand, differentiate yourselves from Turnbulls poisonous legacy and go back to the Howard and Abbott legacies that brought the party into dominance. The base would be overjoyed by it, and as what was seen by the Abbott election, that can very well boost the Coalitions chances.

During the Christmas break, the Coalition must come to their senses and start getting their act together. As I said, adopt Tony Abbott’s policies, or even make him your candidate for the election. Labor as a whole, are terrified of Abbott and he is just itching to get in there. To the Liberals, I say, start acting like what Menzies intended, start acting like Conservatives, and stop trying to get rid of the Nationalist elements within your party, it will only damage you further.

Learn from your mistakes and your short comings and make the changes necessary for the future!

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