Constitutional Reformation or Political Reformation?

I’ve heard the saying;

It takes an Idiot to destroy Britain,
It takes a Genius to destroy Australia.

Take that as you will, but the point of that saying is. Australia, believe it or not has one of the most, if not, THE most, stable system of government in the world. Made by our Fathers of Federation, the Founding Fathers of Australia. They built a stable, strong and resilient system of government. God, Crown and Country as that saying entails to as well.

Whereas in the UK they could not dare to dream of what Australians take for granted. Much like the UK, from the Crown we in Australia also inherit the Magna Carta, and the rights it bestows upon us. Yes, from the Crown that is interwoven into our Constitution also gives us the Magna Carta and the rights, privileges and liberties all entailed in it. Such as Section 61, which details that the people can initiate a lawful rebellion if the government is mismanaging. All the checks and balances in our government ensures no one person will have too much power, unlike in the UK or even the USA. Yes, we also have more liberties than the citizens of the United States.

However, recently the Labor Party intends to destroy our system of government. The very same one that withstood the world wars, the great depression and other subsequent recessions, the cold war and even a constitutional crisis. They intend to bring in a Republic much like in 1999. A centralised government, with a President elected by the parliament and dismissed by a prime minister. Write in what our rights are and remove them if they are deemed ‘problematic.’ If you want to have a clear idea to what an Australian Republic is, look no further than Victoria where the Premier has the most power and can do whatever he so pleases. And seeing its Labor that are pushing this….


Expect our New Constitution to be Gender Neutral, full of LGBT rights, Open Border Policy, Multiculturalism as its very foundations. If that sounds like a socialist/communist state, then you are correct. However, even the Islamic community also want a Republic here, the other movement that is gaining traction being the Australian Islamic Republican Movement, that intends to push for an Islamic Republic of Australia. Instead of a Socialist one that Labor proposes. Given how Politics is right now. I’d rather NOT have the politicians to write up what my rights are, what I can and cannot do or say, and what I am not allowed to wear on certain days for it might reinforce gender stereotypes or some bullshit.

And expect more politics, more political upheavals and spills and an instability that would very likely ruin Australia further if it became a Republic. Does the Australian people want more politics in their lives? More politicians to vote for in Federal, State, Council, and a new vote, Presidential. Do we want more politics?

What we have now survived a 100 years. I say, let it continue for a hundred more years. I do not want the politicians of all people to rule, I’d much prefer what we have now. Instead of a Constitutional Reformation, I would call for a Political Reformation.

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