In Response: Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

This is in response to an earlier post of mine that I’ve posted late last year, where I discussed about Multicultural Australia against True Australia. You can use the link to read about it if you haven’t. However I wish to reiterate that I’ve developed myself over the past year to now to improve upon. So without further adieu, lets get into it.

As many young Australians know it, Australia has always been Multicultural, always Multiracial and always been about promoting other cultures and peoples above our own. Today, the Australian youth have been indoctrinated to view that the increasingly foreign and often hostile faces they see on a daily basis are nothing new and are part of our national make-up. They are to believe that the utopian hopeless ideals of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ are the very bedrock of what it means to be Australian, to always be open, even to those that wish them harm. Many of the Australian Youth today, that run around protesting against the ‘Far Right Racists’ that they derogatorily label as ‘Bogans’ know naught of what they do. Many are and have been indoctrinated, that’s correct, indoctrinated into a poisonous ideology of Marxism, promoting the ideas that Santa Claus is gay, telling kids that if they feel like a girl or a boy that they must change their biological sex and so on. Today’s Australians do not know about Australia past the year 2000 and a tiny snippet of World War One; only to sow discord and manufactured lies about the ANZACs.

CARF: Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

Now, what if I’ve told you that what you are living in as of current day, Multicultural Australia is in direct opposition of what the Founding Fathers of Australia had envisioned for the nation?

What is going on today is in direct parallel to what was intended for the nation of Australia. As today, the Youth do not consider race, culture or even nationality to define what an Australian is, but they believe that an Australian is a mere set of principles and customs printed on a piece of paper that dictates and validates that they are ‘Australian’ and have always been. Many associate national character to what they see on TV or from other media outlets on the by-gone 80s version of Australia.

Too many Australian Youth believe in the false god of Multiculturalism and the depraved Secularist and Marxist propaganda that is hammered into their unwitting and easily moldable brains.

Today’s Australian, does not know of their own history. From the tales of the Convicts and their perils, to Australia’s Colonial Past and to Federation. As well as before the first world war, during the Great Depression and what Australia was like during the Cold War. No, but what they do know is a ‘detailed’ history of the Aboriginals, the tales of Immigrants that came into Australia during the 90s and the ‘evils’ of Bogans. They know naught of what they do.

There was a time, when a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. His loving wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family that she so loves. Dad worked hard, hanged out with his mates at the pub and went back home to his loving family. In the streets there were happy faces, all of which were like theirs. Proud and happy people of Australia.

1950s Australia

That is Australia back in the 1950s. It was an easier time, it was a safer time. It was Australia. Australians back then were happier, they had the security that today’s Australians lack and the freedoms that they lost. Back then, Australia was under the White Australia Policy, a national framework of what the Nation of Australia is to be, what the people are ought to be and who we are.

To someone who doesn’t even know of their own history, or have been indoctrinated by their teachers to hate their ancestors colonial ventures, they would be repulsed at the mere words; White Australia Policy. Because it goes against what was forcefully pushed into Australia, without a vote mind you, by the 21st Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam. Whitlam forced into Australia; the Multicultural Policy drafted by Al Grassby, the Immigration Minister of Whitlams Cabinet. Bypassing the Constitution and illegally putting forth a policy that contradicted the White Australia Policy and was set out to destroy what not only birthed Australia but what built it up.

Now, Australians in this Multicultural Australia claim that to be an Australian, one must have a mere piece of paper, a citizenship certificate and to follow a loose and vague concept of Australian principles and customs in order to call yourself a ‘true-blue’ Australian. If that were the case, then as a Caucasian man that waltzed up to the nearest Ethiopian embassy and that I acquired a citizenship from that embassy, do I magically racially, culturally and nationally morph into a Black African Male?

That whole concept is utter lunacy. This is a civic nationalist point of view that anyone and everyone can become a host nations people and there is no difference if lets say the German population was replaced with Sudanese but as long as they speak German, had German citizenships and followed the loose concept of German principles and customs then they are just as German as a German who’s ancestors built the nation and died in the various wars in the nations 2000 year old history.

I will, by verbatim, state that Australians are not a set of principles or customs on a piece of paper. Australians are not a citizenship paper. Australians are in fact, a Race. What race is that?


The Australian race, is descended from British stock. From English, Scottish, Welsh, Celts, Cornish and Manx. Or in a more condensed and rather correct terminology on the Australian Race; the Anglo-Celt. Australians, born and bred in Australia are descended from the British stock that built this nation, they are of a British Soul under the Southern Skies. That very same British stock, gave us our language, started our sports, built our institutions, created our rule of law that they’ve inherited from the Crown and built a nation that rivaled even that of the motherland. Australia, the word itself is of our creation. This land and country was named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, who took over Governor Bligh after the Rum Rebellion. Australia, in of itself is the creation of the British stock that our forefathers came from. After Federation, when all of the Australian colonies became one nation, that the Australian was born. We became united that the Isles never could. Where the Isles had many of conquests, ire and bile towards one and another, Australia became what the Isles would have. A united people. The Anglo-Celt is a Native Australian, for they have made Australia the nation that it is, or was in this case. The Anglo-Celt, loyal to God, Crown and Country, fought on the beaches at Gallipoli, trekked the damp jungles of Kokoda, blazed their way in Vietnam and Korea. Our people were baptised in blood and we became known to the world as a powerful force. A gem in the South.

However, all of that, the modern Australian has either forgotten or have been indoctrinated to deface and despise themselves. For they continue the Anti-White, Anti-Australian march that the Whitlam government started in the 70s. The unhindered Anti-Australian march can be easily identified by the indoctrinated Youths hatred towards Australia, from Australia Day, to the Flag and even to our Constitution. The Indoctrinated Australian, despises the Australian Crown and the Royal Family for they are the very last pillar and the most important foundation that is, White Australia.

This Indoctrinated Youth, wish to push Australia into a big, diverse and unstable mess. From a successful, peaceful and hegemonious Anglo-Celtic nation; the only one of its kind, to a Nation divided, chaotic and full of failures. This is what I would call, Terra Nullius. No mans land, for it symbolises that no one in Australia, holds claim to the land, culture and history.

This Modern Multicultural Australia, is not Australia. As the political elite, media and other entities, all condensed into The Establishment, all intend for Australians to embrace Multiculturalism, Secularism, Atheism and the pluralist Marxist ideologies that plague Europe and the Americas. And seeing how well those nations fair, is that our fate? A proud and respectful Australian race, expunged forever?

Australia, is the land of the Anglo-Celtic people. Australia, the White Mans Land. And so, it should stay that way. It is what made Australia so world renowned. It was a successful nation.

Australians, at a Pub

Today? This, Terra Nullius isn’t. It’s a failure. This nation is plagued with a swamp of Chinese, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Syrians, Africans, Arabs, Hispanics and other non-europeans with differing and vastly incompatible faiths, cultures, customs and principles. These peoples do not have loyalty to Australia. And if caught or put on the spot they will always declare that they do. I ask, if there is a war and one of their nations are our belligerent, would these collection of coloured races fight for Australia with such fervour as we do? Or will they not aid us and instead be a hindrance? Will we be in a worse position with these various peoples if we displease their home nations? What about these peoples animosity towards other groups, such as the Macedonians and the Greeks, or the Israelites and the Palestinians during their protests and riots against each other as their home nations have a dispute or have done a violent act? This will only end in failure and further division.

Is this the fate for Australia? Never whole, never one people and never one country? But a collection of peoples, cultures and faiths that hold no ties to the nation? A collection of peoples that do not care for the wellbeing of this nation or the institutions of the nation, but for the money it dispenses to them?

Our ancestors came here on prison hulks and slaved away building the very foundations of our nation, trekked the great unknown and developed the Australian culture, way of life and everything we’ve taken for granted, fought and died in wars so that their descendants may live on in safety and security and for the glory of God, Crown and Country.

Remember what it is to be Australian. Stand up for what it means. Advance Australia!


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