The Crimson Thread of Kinship

The ideas of race and stock, of blood and breed. This has been the prevailing thought upon the Australian since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Fostering and furnishing a connection between nationalism, imperialism and racialism during those periods of Australian history. These thoughts, ideas and aspirations became a significant force behind the White Australia Policy, where the idea of Race and Blood was expressed in its most virulent and raw form. As an intermediate and selective level, the concept of a White Australia put forward the racial concept that even more significant than that of Caucasian kinship for it focused wholly on the British Isles. Australia, from her very beginnings were of a consistent ethnocentric mindset and ideology.

Australian ethnocentrism focused heavily on the Isles, in the creation of a unified Southern Race; the Coming Australian Man, the Anglo-Celt. Ethnocentrism in a general definition is the belief in the unique value and rightness of one’s own group, an approval of one’s fellows and their ways and an aversion and contempt for outsiders and their ways. It is also a natural human expression, the bias of ones own family, ones own kin.

In this human world of ours, wise in many designs, mixed with so much failures and errors, nothing is more noticeable than the delusions that lead men on to great crises. Such as on the eve of the terrible convulsion which shattered France in 1789 into atoms and startled the world, the ruling people and fashionable life went on as ever. There was still, marrying and giving in marriage, there were merrymaking and festivals, until the hidden elements burst out from under them and around them, and all the world wondered. No one supposed that they were standing on the brink of a terrible precipice. Without going into such examples at that, many and many where men go on with their eyes closed, when only the few far-seeing men of philosophy, experience and history can see.

Sir Henry Parkes Statuette

In this country of Australia, with such ample space, with such inviting varieties of soil and climate, with such vast stores of hidden wealth under the soil, with such unrivaled richness on all hands, and with a people occupying that soil unequaled in the range of the human race, in not only nation-creating but nation-maintaining properties, what is there that should be impossible to those people? There are many Australians, of British origin, many and many thousands unified to the soil by ties of birth, by ties of parentage, by ties of friendship and love, as well as by ties of marriage and ties of children, if they are not capable of maintaining this nation, a Unified and United Australia, why we are not fit hardly to occupy this bounteous country, if we are not to maintain it.

Two hundred years ago, the continent was occupied by a despairing group of outcast persons of British origin, the Convicts, and that British origin speaks volumes in every step of our journey. A hundred and forty years ago, the colony of Victoria had no existence. Many of Australia’s Founding Fathers were born before Victoria itself was born. However, many rejoiced at the birth of Victoria as they did with Queensland and hoped for a prosperous future of those colonies. Australians know that it is a wise dispensation that the large colonies of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria sprang into existence, and admire them when they were fighting their own battles and working out their own prosperity independently of the mother colony; New South Wales. But, that time has long since past when those colonies were isolated.

As the Crimson Thread of Kinship runs through us all. The Native-born Australians are Britons, as much as the men born within the cities of London, Glasgow and Dublin. We know the value of our British origin and our British heritage. We know that we represent a race which never had its equal on the face of the Earth.


We know, too, that conquering wild territory, and planting the seeds of civilised communities therein, is a far nobler, a far more immortalising achievement than conquest by arms. Australia, as separate colonies have had to fight their way. There were times, I dare say, that degenerated into antagonism, but naturally enough; but on the whole, I do not believe that the thoughtful men of Victoria have ever lost sight of the good qualities of the men of New South Wales.

No Australian would agree on disuniting our nation, be it, becoming a Republic or continuing down this path of Multiculturalism. We must unite as one great Australian people and not a mixed bag of persons who have no loyalty to this grand old land and of our historic blood-bond with the mother land. The Australian nation is to be untied under One Government, One Flag and One People. Admitting, as I do, that the interests of the Australian people ought to be the first objects of concern, and not the last. Still I say, that our interests cannot be promoted by any rash, thoughtless and crude separation from the grand old country which we are all so proud and thankful for our very existence, journey and continued national person.

All free communities must have a political head, and I should like to ask any thoughtful student of history what supreme head we could have that is more attractive, more ennobling, more consonant with the true principles of liberty than our august Sovereign. There is no reign of Emperor, King or Potentate, which has included the changes for the improvement of the world, for the spread of the Christian civilisation and for increasing the happiness of the mass of the Anglo family as that of our Royal Family, of Queen Victoria all the way to Queen Elizabeth. Let it not go forth for a moment that in speaking about authority over our own affairs in this fair land of Australia we are seeking any separation from the Crown.

National life is a broad river of living water. To preserve our national existence, Australia must have a common tariff. Without going into detail; Free Trade or Protectionism, all must admit, is to the large extent but a device for carrying out a human notion; but there is no human notion at all about the eternal life of a free nation. I say then, that what I understand by the sentiment of Australians far and wide. That without making any bargain whatever, without stipulating for any advantage for ourselves but trusting to the good faith that we can manage ourselves. So that our industry, our farmlands, our businesses take first priority, protection from an unjust and predatory corporation, enterprise or even foreign nation.

Australia has grown from a disunited group of communities into one solid, powerful, rich and widely-respected power. We, the Australian people, are here united by natural and noble ties and with all the capacities that civilised communities can possess. We are capable of managing our own affairs as our Kinsmen in the Commonwealth of Nations. We are in a fruitful land, separate by the will of Providence from the rest of the world. What has been done in other parts of the world ought not to be difficult with us, and the only obstacles that stand in our way of a prosperous future, are those which arise from our unfortunate separation. Every conceivable difficulty is based upon the separation which we all deplore. These difficulties however, is to the benefit of all to get rid of. No work worthy of achievement was ever attained without surmounting difficulties. Supposing ours were tenfold greater than they are, they ought not to turn us from our object, for it is sound and good. But seeing that they are similar to those difficulties, at all if once looked steadily in the face, why should we delay in maintaining our heritage, our race and our ties, while they actively intend to break it down?

Multiculturalist Agenda

Australia, as a united nation, has had an unparalleled stability, unity and freedom that many nations would be envious of. We have a rich history, strong culture and grand kinship that no other can hope to ever obtain. There is however, a number of persons that have actively tried to undermine Australia, its institutions and the peoples sense of kinship. Those peoples; the Republicans, Multiculturalists, Globalists, Marxists, Fabians, are the Harlequins of the grand architect of our demise. They prance around, calling for us to change our flag, change our anthem, change our system of government, change our way of life, change our history. They chant their slogan, they chant their disrespect and hatred for this nation, the nation that some of them are born into while the rest are not from here, they know naught of the nation. They are barbarians, cultural vandals, within the gates and rotting Australia from within. They are not of our blood, nor will they ever be. Thus they seek our destruction, they celebrate our displacement, they are overjoyed at replacing who we are with what they want us to be and not what we are.

Republicans claim to ‘only be cutting the umbilical cord’ so that their delusional concept of a culturally independent Australia can be solidified. However, what they fail to understand or that they ignore, is that, they are not merely cutting an umbilical cord but severing Australia’s jugular artery. Which will spill our blood, deprive us of what we are. Thus this works in favour of the Multiculturalists who intend to replace our blood with bile and incompatible blood that is foreign to ours, effectively changing us from a United, White Australia into a Multicultural, Multiracial one where the Majority is highly likely to be of Chinese descent and not those that made our nation. The Marxists and Globalists intend for this as well, so that they can fulfill their plan to turn Australia into a shining example of their agendas. Seeing how well the USSR and France are going due to their Marxist and Globalist experiences, its only going to fail but before that they would have murdered and defaced Australia.

These peoples hate Australia, our history, our heritage, our flag, our anthem, our system of governance and our way of life. A tree without roots is bound to fall as their claim to get rid of our flag is to get rid of our Union Jack, to deprive us of our history. Their claim to change our anthem so that they can solidify the poisonous ideology of Multiculturalism forever into our national song and to rid of our historical song. These peoples hate us, I shall reciprocate over and over. They hate us, they want us all gone, dead if need be. They despise Australia, what it was, what it is and what it could be. They fear a return of Nationalism, Patriotism and our Pride in our heritage.

Stay true. Australians, we are a British spirit in the Southern Skies. Don’t let the Vandals to destroy who we are. Australians are to Advance with our Crown on our head, to promote our racial homogeneity, to retain our culture, our way of life, to hold our Constitution in one hand and the Bible in the other. We Advance to our future and not those that are parroted by the Media, Establishment and Internationals.

Australia is a White Mans Land. Advance Australia!


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