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The Australian Nationalist Scene is very fractured to say the very least. However, this is purely observational from what I’ve seen on the ground, on the media and so on. This is a criticism of the Australian Nationalist movements and Populist movements in this country, however this is not an attack on said movements. So, let me go into detail to what I view with the Australian Nationalist/Populist Scene.

Many within the Australian nationalistic movements, throughout Australia are similar to Warlord Cliques, fractional and always vying for their version of a particular ideology to dominate. There is not one, single, unified Australian Nationalist movement in Australia but a collection of movements with their own takes on what Australian Nationalism is to be. Many of the ideologies that these movements take, are foreign ones from America and Europe. Constantly, these Ideological Cliques are warring against each other, struggling and fighting one and another on an ideological basis, seeking to impose their version over the rest of the Cliques. Often these Cliques, don’t see much eye-to-eye, often trying to one-up the other.

Before any kind of Nationalist or Populist movement enters the public arena, firstly it needs to develop a singular nationalist/populist agenda, that is of the Australian view and not a view from foreign entities and influences. Now, as with many movements, they must be wary of the pitfalls and failings of past movements that have either failed or dissolved into history. One such example that will be used in this are the 1930s movement; The New Guard.

Screenshot (72)
New Guard

The New Guard, started in the 1930s by World War One veterans, who viewed that the Labor Lang Government, and Lang himself, were treasonous and were working on introducing Communism into Australia. At the peak of the movement, they had a membership of 50,000 people in the state of New South Wales alone, along with branches in Victoria. One of their plans, were to storm the parliament house and evict the Lang Government by force, however the Lang Government was dismissed by the NSW State Governor before their initial plan could commence. The aftermath saw a Conservative party to get elected and The New Guard membership virtually vanished overnight, since many members saw that their work was done.

A problem with The New Guard, is that their objective was purely situated on a singular goal; the dismissal of the Lang Government. The New Guard members were against the Labor government and with that gone, they viewed that their job was done. However, given how some members were vastly extremist, being that of Fascists and splitting from the party to form the Fascist Legion of Australia. Many members were not, if anything, a vast majority of the members were Conservatives loyal to Crown and Country and some being Liberals such as the Founder and man in charge of the movement, Eric Campbell, who often viewed himself as a Liberal. The New Guard failed in that many members became part of the Menzies coalition, which later became the Liberal Party, having said that they failed to differentiate themselves from the mainstream.

Another thing to be wary of, is Civic Nationalism and Conservatives as a whole. Conservatism is a defensive ideology and not an offensive ideology. Given how being Conservative is to always be on the defense, sooner or later that defense is going to crumble due to attrition. Picture a war and one side is always defending and the other is attacking, its only a matter of time before the defensive opponent falls due to attrition and a constant attack. As well as many Conservatives are Civic Nationalists. Civic Nationalism just being another semantic for Multi-Racialism and Multiculturalism, in that anybody with a piece of paper; citizenship, is considered part of the Australian people.

Often, many Nationalists attempt to emulate the Conservatives on many occasions and quite often lose in elections and for support. As for example with the John Howard Liberal Government, taking policies that would benefit them from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party during the election. They took over the ideological space from One Nation, that was previously occupied by One Nation.

True Blue Crew


It is important that the Nationalists must focus on Australia and not on overseas Nationalist movements for its inspiration. Since, Australia does indeed have ample space and material to inspire a Nationalist movement. From the many writings during Pre-Federation and Post-Federation Australia. Writers and thinkers such as Sir Henry Parkes, Sir Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin, Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, have left us with a rich legacy to delve into. These people I have listed, helped to create the Australian Federation, they drafted the Constitution of Australia, and the foundation of the National Character, the White Australia Policy. Out from their great wisdom and love for their country and the understanding that it was up to them to provide an important framework and foundation on which we can base our culture, heritage and most importantly, our identity. On the issue of identity, it is important that we develop an Australian movement based on our own history and politics rather than that of Europe or the Americas.

However, I shouldn’t neglect the usage of the unfortunate mindset in many Nationalists in Australia that often fall for this tragedy. The celebration and admiration of Hitler and his regime. Completely bypassing Australia’s own history and writings that shows that Australia was far more advanced in the regards to racial consciousness. An example is a British Correspondent to the British secretary of state, for the Australian Colonies regarding the Chinese immigration to Australia, with the attorney-general said:

“It would create a combined political and industrial division of society upon the basis of racial distinction, this would inevitably produce in the majority of the remainder population a degraded estimate of manual labour similar to that which has always existed in those communities, where African slavery has been committed and thereby call into existence a class similar in habit and character to the mean whites of the southern states of the American Union before the civil war. 

Societies as society swept divide it, produce similar producer particular vices in exaggerated proportions and that doomed to serve the theory nation, deterioration.”

This example, took place in January, 1888 when Hitler wasn’t even a glint in his father’s eye.

Australian’s desire for a hegemounious population free to survive and prosper without being overrun or swamped by the coloured races, emerged decades before the Nazis. This had nothing to do with the Nazis and unlike the Nazis, Australians wholeheartedly supported democracy and freedom of speech. It was a Pro-White ideology, that was home grown, born of Australian circumstances which established an Australian racial consciousness and understanding.

In 1900, The Bulletin published an article entitled, The Federated Chinamen. In that article, The Bulletin presented reasons why Australia should not accept non-white immigration. Stating that Non-Whites should be kept out by force, including the non-white British subjects. It ended the article with this proposal:

“That under Federal law, it shall be absolutely illegal for any black, brown or yellow men to settle in this country whether he is a British subject or not. All such individuals are present in the country to be registered and have licenses issued to them. In that individual found thereafter without a license to be required to prove that he was a resident prior to Federation or be fined heavily and shipped back to his native land. Transfer or forgery of licenses to be heavily punishable. Kanakas here, under contract to be compulsorily shipped back to their Islands when their time expires. Miscellaneous coloured settlers to be offered free passages home while the Federal Government provided that the partridge permanent.”

In other words, it was an all or nothing proposition. If Australia wanted to stay a white country, all non-white immigration must be stopped. This became a reality after the passing of the 1901 Immigration Restriction Act, which formed the basis of what became commonly and infamously known as the White Australia Policy. The intention of the Policy has always been misunderstood and misinterpreted as a racist hangover from an earlier and hateful age but such criticism is shallow. The Policy had several intentions, such as:

  • To Restrict Non-White Immigration to ensure racial homogeneity
  • To protect the fledgling Australian society
  • To protect Australian labour
  • To prevent the creation of an Underclass
White Australia Policy

The last two points are interesting. As our forefathers and Founding Fathers foresaw what happened in the United States, the use of Slave Labour resulted in a costly civil war and had created ‘mean whites’. Whites who didn’t earn their own slaves and who could not find employment because, plantation owners for example, prefer the usage of Cheaper, Non-White labour. A sign that Capitalism had extended too far.

The Australian colonies did not want to repeat the same mistakes even going as far as saying, that we should be paying more for sugar to pay for white labour rather than having cheap sugar from cheap, coloured labour on Australia’s sugar plantations.

Even as we ultimately legislated against non-white immigration, we as a country still needed immigration to fill this great land and make it thrive. In 1881 and in 1884, Sir Henry Parkes made speeches in favour of a more liberal immigration scheme, he stated that, “I want men and women, free men and women, of our own stock to assist us in the main broad foundations of an Empire.” Sir Edmund Barton, our First Prime Minister was also acutely racially conscious. In reading of the Immigration Restriction Acts, Sir Barton was emphatic about it’s importance. He was pleased, he said, in turn from mere machinery bills to a measure of definite and high policy, although he quoted copiously from Pearson’s national life and character, as the terrible results of racial contamination, Sir Barton knew that Australia would be in trouble with Britain if it based its immigration policies on race alone.

Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain had told him that disqualification on the grounds of race and colour was not only offensive to a friendly power but contrary to the general conceptions of equality which have ever been the guiding principle of British rule throughout the Empire. Seeing how well the British fair as of current in their country with that mindset, its safe to say that they lacked the foresight that our Forefathers own racial consciousness, due in part of their strong racial awareness and that they foresaw the consequences of Multiculturalism and Multiracialism. Knowing all to well, that allowing non-white immigration into Australia would leave Australia as a nation of Half-Castes. They would become ungovernable and democracy would not thrive in such circumstances.

No, our Forefathers did not say these things out of hatred or spite, but from wisdom and love of their country and people.

Sir Henry Parkes Statuette

Today, the failure of the Nationalist movements in Australia is the failure of their lack of connection with ordinary people in Australia in any meaningful way. It is the failure of producing a genuine Australian Nationalist Ideology, is our failure to produce a practical and attractive nationalist based movement. Is our failure to deal with issues such as outlined above that WILL enable us as Nationalists to put ourselves into a position of real political power that will guide our people away from the racial disaster they are currently and blindly heading into.

That Racial Disaster is the danger that our grandchildren will end up as a tiny white minority, living in some ethnic cesspit and the only jobs they could muster to acquire will most likely be selling sushi to Japanese tourists as Wage Slaves. Our people have been subjected to at least 30 years of Multicultural indoctrination, our natural instincts have been overridden and in the words of Jesus Christ; “They know not of what they do.”

Multiculturalism is White Genocide. Multiculturalism is the death of Nations. The massive influx of non-whites, be it legal or illegal, into Australia is about the desire to exterminate White people by destroying our race through miscegenation.

We as Nationalists, shouldn’t hate people because they are Black or Yellow, we should hate the fact that our nation is being destroyed by Multiculturalism and Third and Second world immigration. This problem is VERY dire and should not be underestimated.

This is a battle for the very existence of our race, of our country, of our culture, of our history.

For God, Crown and Country

One thought on “Australian Nationalist Scene

  1. The
    Australianist Political Theory of the Australian Peoples Movement
    of Australia First

    “On to the field, our doom is sealed The sun shall see our country free
    To conquer or be slaves; Or set upon our graves” Tim Hayes [Eureka] 1854

    Australians increasingly are awakening that our European-derived Civilisation, created through toil, and defended in blood in the Pacific War, now faces the likely closing epoch as foreshadowed in our history.

    The forces of Chinese/Asian economic and demographic imperialism, plague level Third World immigration, allahpox ideology, and money changer values, all orchestrated under LibLabGreens sociopaths, who have no respect for past generations, or love for the Sacred Earth of our Native Soil, will see our “Vision Splendid” irrevocably pass.

    There will be no second chance, and Native Australians are now called to enlist for the fight for the survival of our Australia through the ejection of the prevailing Traitor Class from the State Power. Integral Components.

    A. Biological.
    Comprising the two Native Peoples of Australia i. Of European Racial Origin born to Australian Soil – the Native Australian; and settling European originated “New Australians”.
    ii. Of Aborigine Races, declared to be Sacred – the Australian Aborigine of the Dreamtime.

    B. Ecological.
    Our Native Soil and ecolologcal order which sustains our way of life – to be protected from exploitive abuse, and pollution; and for passing on to our succeeding generations.

    C. Economics.
    National Self-Sufficiency with Steady State economic objectives, under free enterprise community directions, and with Public Work Service Programme.

    D. Law.
    Inherited Common Law, and Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, empowering Individuals as the Paramount Authority, and through Direct Democracy principles.


    P O Box 223 Croydon 3136
    email: National Contact Line 02 85870014 0408 554542 pl1 18/9/18

    “For the South must look to the South for strength in the
    storm that is to come” Henry Lawson 1904


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