St. Kilda Rally

This is a belated response to what happened over in St.Kilda.

In Melbourne, over on the St. Kilda beach, many nationalists, patriots and ordinary Australians gathered to rally against the African Gangs that constantly kill, rape and steal from Australians. The Media kept portraying and hyping it up as Victoria’s version of the Cronulla Riots. However, there is far more than meets the eye.

From merely watching the Rally via videos from the rally itself, it starts off as a bunch of Australians just gathering on a beach. From the outset, it doesn’t look violent or even ‘nazi’ like either, just many working class and young Australians gathering on a beach, nothing too much to note.

However, the very meat of the Rally, the Speeches from figures such as Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson having their respective speeches along with the head of the TBC; True Blue Crew having his rather short speech. However, from the speeches itself, the Media and Establishment had the idea that the Rally is going to stir up ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ rhetoric but, from my point of view, it was more Anti-Government than what the Media were calling it out to be.


Blair and Neil both called out that the problems were not wholly based on the Africans, and is instead by those that let them in. They weren’t wrong when they pointed it out, if it weren’t for these Africans, Muslims or even the Chinese, there wouldn’t be problems here. And it all stems from those that allow these 5th columnists in; the Establishment.

Establishment in Australia are our Politicians, Media and Elites.

And seeing how they reacted after the Rally, clearly shows that they do not care for the lowest common denominator, that being the working class and the youth of Australia. Both Major Parties condemned the rally, and about 99% of the Establishment were against it, however the only politician that came, was the infamous Fraser Anning himself. He didn’t partake in the speeches, but he sure did get a lot of praise from the crowd and Australians the country over, however he had more than enough that attacked him for daring to step out of line to go to this rally.

The Rally itself, also had a lot of controversy, given that the MSM went on full “Notice the Nazi” mode, trying to defame the whole rally as some sort of ‘Neo-Nazi’ rally. Even to the point of perfectly capturing an individual waving to the Antifa crowd to ‘bugger off’ at the right moment where his hand is straight with his arm, indicating that it is a salute. Even some of the pictures of ‘verified nazis’ turned out to be Antifa members mocking the St.Kilda rally folk.

The amount of trickery by the main stream media is astounding.

And that the MSM does not report that Green MPs joined the counter protest by Antifa/CARF. And yes, Antifa did make an appearance during the Rally, calling out their same old tired slogans of “Refugees Are Welcome Here, Racists Are Not” and “Black, Indigenous, Arab, Asian and White, Unite, Unite, Unite to Fight the Right” and let’s not forget everybody’s favourite, “Fuck Off, Nazis, Fuck Off” always such the tolerant and kind folk they are.

But to summarise my views of the Rally itself. To me, it was about the inept government and Anti-Australian establishment. It exposed the lies and deceit of the MSM and showed to the Australian populace that the Left supports ordinary Australians getting killed, robbed and raped, if it furthers their ‘Diversity is our Strength’ multiculturalist agenda.

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