Why am I a Monarchist?

I am often asked and criticised about why do I support the Australian Crown and the Australian Royal Family instead of the myriad of Politicians in the Australian Party Politic.

I support the Crown for many reasons but first, what lead me to my views. I will explain that I wasn’t always a Monarchist and even once upon a time, I saw myself as a Republican myself. Back then, I often asked why doesn’t the Queen do anything and theories that she and the Royals have connections to the Rothschilds and other powerful figures and organisations. It was rather easy to destroy and de-humanise the Royals by stating these. Even at the time, I thought of myself as a Communist and fully believed that the only way for Communism to even control Australia was through a Republic, since the second tenant of Communism is to get rid of any and all Authoritative figures such as the Queen and Royalty and replace them with a Council or Tribunal.

However, around the same time, I did have some exposure to the concept that “It’s easy to destroy but it is difficult and neigh-impossible to defend” something and it really did stick with me. I was never the kind of person that viewed one side and only that side. I often looked at both sides of an argument and made my own decisions. So I decided to delve into what the Queen does, what do the Royals do, and what is the issue with Republicanism.

This process, honestly, took me nearly 8 years to fully understand, since alongside it, I was developing my political ideological views. I did become a fervent anti-communist after reading and listening to the terrors and evils of Socialism, Communism and general Marxism within the first year of my journey. However, I turned from being a Leftist, Communist type and into more of a Conservative, Nationalist type within my second year, but I still held the view that Monarchy was bad and changed slightly for a Nationalist Republic.

However, when I later found out that Nationalist Republics tend to be Dictatorships and only last for a short time and within that time is often a lot of carnage, civil wars and despotic tyrants. I eventually became disillusioned. Looking at the Middle East, South America, Central America with their failed Nationalist Republics, I looked at other places instead such as Germany, France and even Switzerland.

And yet again, I found that Germany is in their 3rd (or 4th if you count Nazi Germany) Republic and its filled with corrupt Globalist politicians, France is on their 5th Republic (if you count Vichy France) and yet again, also filled with corrupt Globalist politicians but Switzerland I found interesting. It’s not a Republic to what people often cry out as, but a Confederation of Cantons, Cantons being ethnic provinces, almost fully independent of one and another. And yet, what I later found out, it only exists because of its geography and the situation it is in, rather than organically created.

I was at a loss. When looking at America, even from my beginnings, I never saw it as a Unified Country, but a deeply divided country where half of the population are on one side and the other half are on the other side, and that their Presidents are often one or the other, left or right, blue or red. How could I get something or someone to be non-political but still have the powers of a President?

This took me till my 4th and 5th year process, where I started to remove the concept of Republic and replace it with something else. I went through Australia’s past, looking at what made us great, our history as colonies, and so on. I later found that Monarchy has always been part of Australia, from our very inception.

People often call out the Crown as despotic and tyrannical because that they pushed the Convicts out from the UK and into Australia. I see it in another light, I view that the Crown was the only force that started Australia. The First Fleet wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for the Crown. Australia wouldn’t have existed. Even during Federation, when our Founding Fathers put forth the Crown as our Sovereign Power, it was to ensure a non-political power that would keep the divisions and political lobbying at bay. Our Executive Power, being the Governor-General was also a non-political power that dealt with the matters however I didn’t know how the Governor-General is appointed or even what the purpose of the Crown is for a really long time.

It wasn’t until I found out that the Crowns Constitutional Role is to appoint the Governor-General, the non-political power at the request of a Prime Minister. And to take power away from the Party Politic, the same Party Politic that I still do to this very day are bought, and paid by Globalists.

I had to get more information about Australia’s Monarchy, but where do I have to go in order to know about it? That’s when it hit me, the 1999 referendum on the Republic. I thought, that there ought to be organisations on both sides so that I can get a better idea of. When I looked at the Republican camp on the Referendum, I only saw Socialism, Leftism, Globalism and attacks on tradition, our flag, our anthem and everything Australian, whereas in complete contrast, the Monarchist camp were Patriotic, Libertarian, Conservatives and defending our flag, institutions, anthem and everything Australian. This group, called the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, est. 1992, I found to be a great source for information.

Understanding our traditions, what our flag really symbolises and our heritage, made me to delve deeper, so I discovered the much larger group, Australian Monarchist League. Whom of which showed me other national holidays such as Wattle Day, Federation Day, what the Queens Birthday means, and what is in our Constitution.

I soon found myself as a Monarchist. A Constitutional Monarchist. This is the equivalent for an American to say they are for their Constitution.

Rather quickly, I was questioned about my stance. As if, this is something you are not supposed to do. You were supposed to be either right or left, up or down. Often Republicans, be it the extremely tiny minority that want a Nationalist Republic or the vast majority of them that want a Socialist Republic; come out from the woodworks, shouting that the Queen is not ours, the Royals are controlled, and everything that I too used to shout. But now, I see it as, if these things are true, you trust these politicians more? You want to give THEM more power? The very same politicians that you accuse the Royals of, are exactly everything you are shouting and more.

I viewed Politicians as the major problem and not the solution. You may get a really good politician that does everything right and becomes a legend, but what happens when he or she is gone? Let’s say you get your Nationalist Republic, how long will it last till Socialists or Leftists turn it into a Socialist Republic, and vise versa for those that want a Socialist Republic.

A Monarchy doesn’t have that problem, the saying “The King is Dead, Long Live the King” is about the continuity of the Crown, it’s rebirth. History has shown, Republics tend to fall, such as the myriad of French Republics, both Nationalist and Socialist alike have all fallen. And ironically, the best kind of French Nation were when they had either a King or Emperor.

And when shouted that the Queen isn’t ours. Most often say that she doesn’t live here or isn’t ethnically Australian. I say, she isn’t even Scottish and doesn’t live in Scotland, or even that she isn’t Welsh, Cornish, Manx or Irish and yet she doesn’t live in those places. Even that close, are you still going to complain that she is not ‘ours’ even though she doesn’t even live in Scotland or Wales in order to be their Monarch? That is saying the US President isn’t the President of Alaska or Hawaii because he doesn’t live there and his office isn’t there.

And when they also shout that the Queen is controlled by Rothschilds or Soros. I remind you that even if it is true or not that the Queen is controlled, our politicians are vastly controlled by the Rothschilds and Soros. So you are saying to get rid of ONE, potentially controlled individual and not the thousands that are and have authority to push for whatever policy they like, that their puppet masters of Globalism agree to? As well as to give them more power and privileges? Even if you manage to get Nationalists, eventually they will grow old and disappear and the next generation might be socialists and hellbent on erasing EVERYTHING their predecessors made. Why do you trust this lot when they can’t even trust the next generation?

As well as there are too many people that do not know of the Crowns importance in the Australian Constitution and even our Laws and Rights. For example, we’ve inherited the Magna Carta from the Crown itself, and once its gone, it stays that way. The Crown itself is the very foundation of the Constitution, once its gone, so is the Constitution.

If you were to say “Let’s replace it with a president!” then you are foolish. That is saying you’ve replaced a perfectly great engine of a car with an inferior engine and hoping to god that it’ll be the exact same. And soon, you wonder why the engine is on fire.

Look at Fiji for an example of what you’d get. A military dictatorship.

There are also those who just want to ‘vote’ for their so called ‘head of state’ and if you were to say to them, ‘if the people voted for someone you didn’t like’, then these kinds of people will retort with “At least I voted.” Absolute bullshit, you’d go mental, I’ve seen what you lot are like when things don’t go your way, you lot riot like children. And it is never guaranteed that you’d get what you want. You’re only saying this because you have nothing better to respond with. Our Judges are not voted for by the people, they too are appointed by other judges and MPs but I don’t see you Republicans crying out for our Judges to get voted on by the people. Or is that a bad idea, given that the people would most likely vote for weak judge so they can get away with their criminal activities. How are you certain something similar won’t happen in your Republic?

These people never think about the long term, and I’m not talking about 20 years, I’m talking 150 years into the future. Republics, the rare few that survive a 100 years, tend to go into a civil war over political, cultural, religious and social reasons.

I can never be loyal to a suit who does one thing and then goes and goes another. I do not care for Politicians, of all stripes, to me, they are all the same. Be they Nationalists or Socialists, I cannot care for either because I know, they are a parting fancy of the present and nothing more.

I’m loyal only to God, Crown and Country. The very same, that the ANZACs rallied to and died for. I will never let what our ancestors died for be for naught. The Crimson Thread of Kinship is at the heart and soul of Australia, without it, we are nothing.

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