How Mad Are We?

It’s been the same old rabble again. The news going on about the politics of the day, not about the yester or the tomorrow but of the day. Going on about how evil, incompetent and delusional one side of politics and how good, competent and knowledgeable the other is.

Day in, day out. The spurs of the political wheel spin. Every day being some kind of new outrage, something to tackle as if the Rapture is going to hit us tomorrow.

“This is what happened and how you can change that” they say
“This needs to stop because it might offend” they say
“People need to act on this so we can be a more tolerant society” they say

But their empty words of virtue and bravado always go on, and on. Never stopping, the continuous moaning of the Bleeding Hearts. They will never stop, always complaining, never satisfied. Even when given what they desire, they want more. Always more. Never understanding that giving something means taking something away from another who might need it more.

If you are to believe the polls. Labor is set to win in a landslide. And Australia will lose as a result. Never again will Australia be ours, but theirs. Forever the Left will dominate, forever the boats will come, forever the Australian will lose.

And what did we gain from all of this?

Well. We voted for free stuff.

How mad are we?

We must certainly be mad, given that this political party wants to double our immigration rate, loosen our borders and to create immigration centres on our mainland, re-introduce an inheritance tax that means when a member of your family dies, you get taxed regardless if you have a Will or not. They also want to introduce more taxes, even the dreaded and hated Carbon Tax, where 45% of Australia’s electricity infrastructure will be destroyed, even that they are not satisfied since they want to replace our electricity grid with renewables. If you are Australian, you will know how well that fared for South Australia and Victoria. And also to give half a billion dollars, being 500,000 million to the UN, recognising Palestine and to sign up for the UN Migration Pact.

And yet, according to the polls. Australians want that? We must surely be mad.

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