The People vs The Elites

I’ve spent years learning the Australian political arena to understand certain patterns that tend to come and are usually the root cause of most problems we have today. These range from many factors but what I’m about to discuss are the major ones or what I consider to be the major factors in the Australian political arena.

Firstly, Australians and the politicians inhabit two different spheres in the political arena. I call this “The Great Divide” due to it dividing our society into two, where our values are different from the other. The elites, our politicians, harbour different values than what the average Australian does. This can be identified with the policies these politicians push for compared to the things normal Australians scream for. And what are these things?


The Elite argue for Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Equality in its most extreme, state-enforced atheism, more taxes, less social cohesion and more division via giving certain people groups privileges over another.

Whereas in stark contrast, the normal Australians argue for Less Immigration, more Deportations, a single unified Culture, more social cohesion by going back to a more culturally rich and safe time in our history, no more privileges and no more concessions to people groups, return for traditional Christianity and the return for a patriotic, safe and stable Australia.

These stark differences are the things that define “The Great Divide” as the politician actively goes against the people they are supposed to represent as the very basic mandate of being a politician and the Australians voice not being heard and when it is, it’s often considered Xenophobic, Racist, and other buzzwords in order to shut down the majority in favour of the minority. The Tyranny of the Minority as they say.

Australians want Unity but the kind of Unity they are asking for is not what the Elites want. To the Elite, calling for Unity is antithetical to their whole world view. The Politician cares only for the money to keep flowing, they do not care how it comes, but as long as it continues unabated. However, its only a short term gain, whereas it directly harms the people they are supposed to protect.


However, the saying goes: Politics is downstream from Culture. And if you have eyes to see, Australia is considered a Multicultural Nation. These many cultures, trying to vie for power and dominance over the other reflects in our political arena where our politicians fight for power and dominance over the other. This chaotic and messy scene is nothing more than Multiculturalism doing its thing, its only natural for Multiculturalism to be as chaotic on the streets as it is in the political arena.

And yet, Australians are calling for an end to this dangerous experiment but, it goes unheeded. As many forces within and without go against the Australian people in order to replace us all with an obedient and dependent, imported population that cares not for the heritage, history or even the culture of the country they inhabit but only that the country provides them a free living.

Australia, under this totalitarian regime will not stop until we are all gone and even then, it will only embolden the regime to continue for centuries after.


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