The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

The notion of an Australian Kingdom isn’t a far fetched idea and it has been in the corners of the mind with some Australians throughout our 200 year old history. Even today, some micro-nations within Australia claim to be their own Principalities and Kingdoms, such as the Principality of Hutt River and the Principality of Wy.

Left: Principality of Wy — Right: Principality of Hutt River

However, the concept or idea of Australia having its own Royal Family, Royal Houses and to become its own Kingdom is not a new idea. It stems back from the 1920s to this very day. But in this article, I’m going to flirt with the idea of “Independence” that the Republicans in Australia scream and chant with. Completely tossing away the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 and the Australia Act 1986 that derail their slogans and destroy the foundations of their arguments.

Australian Republicans state that the ONLY way Australia can become Independent, is to become a Republic. However, they propose a “democratic” method on choosing between only two choices, Republic or Constitutional Monarchy.

But that doesn’t sound very democratic to me, only giving two options. If they were really serious about a democratic vote on what system of government we’d like to have, why not diversify the dinner plate? Why do they not ask about Australia becoming a Theocracy? Anocracy? Ecclesiastical? Confederacy? Empire? Socialist State? Or to have our own Kingdom, we could even call it the Convict Kingdom of Australia with a lineage of Convict Kings?

If we became our own Kingdom, we don’t necessarily need to pick some stranger out from the streets to become our Monarch, but instead, why not ask a member of the Windsors to come to Australia to become our Monarch? It isn’t far fetched since Brazil has done something similar and made their own Kingdom. Plus, by having a member of the Windsors living here and being our Monarch will keep our heritage intact and will keep the Crimson Thread of Kinship alive within the heart of Australia. Instead of wasting over trillions of dollars on changing the flag, anthem, reforming the army, navy and airforce, judiciary, laws, adding more politicians to the electoral system, changing the educational system to reflect a new system of government and so on. We’d instead be keeping Australia safe and secure, plus even fixing the system of government and Constitution that we have now after decades of neglect. We could reform the electoral system and improve the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta.

So the notion of Australia being a Republic is the only means to being “Independent” is rather ridiculous and arrogant since there are more than two options that we, the people, can choose from if these ‘republicans’ are truly for Democracy or are just using democracy to suit their agendas so that it’ll give them a better chance at succeeding while neglecting the people of their right to choose.

Royal Australian Flag

2 thoughts on “The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

  1. There is even an alternative to choosing a member of the House of Windsor to become King or Queen of Australia: Crown Prince Mary of Denmark originates from Down Under. She and Crown Prince Frederik have four children. One half Aussie could come back to the homeland of his or her mother and accept the Australian crown.


    1. Possibly, but in order to keep with the lineage and history of the Royal House that started Australia, that being the Windsors, I’d thought that would be the best option.

      And to keep with Australia’s Anglo-Celtic heritage, the one that made Australia world renowned across the world. Though Royal Marriages do exist and it wouldn’t be within the realms of possibility if, say, Australia wants to have closer diplomatic ties with Denmark.


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