Australian Elitism

Elitism, the belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favoured treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources. Also includes the sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class and control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

The general consensus about Elitism is often linked with the political/governance, mainstream media and educational spheres within a society. One can add to this with racial elitism, however the point of this article is to discuss the former rather than the later. If the headline is too confusing for the reader, allow me to explain what and how Australian Elitism differs from the orthodox explanation of Elitism.

To begin, Australian Elitism follows the Orthodox Elitism often found across the West. It is similar, however it has its own quirks. These quirks, as it were, are often Left wing in nature. Since a majority of the Left wing perceive themselves as superior in morality, intellect and social status to most members of society, often found virtue signalling with minorities and using minorities to push their agendas. These Elites often do have a sense of entitlement with their birthright status of being born in the middle class or upper class of society, and within the urban environment of society where they lack many of the life experiences of the lower class, lower middle class and including their token minorities that inhabit often poor conditions whilst these upper privileged classes pursue an existence of extravagance and a depraved and demented sense of superiority by claiming to be the champions of the minority whilst denigrating said minority if it dares to go against their agendas or against their virtue signalling efforts.

Similar to the West, but also different due to their locations and environment. Within Australia there inhabits the Leftist plague as well. The Leftist plague in Australia are inner city urbanites who lack the necessary information of their own country and often use skewed and incorrect evidence to support their claims, mostly coming from a place of darkness and self-disgust. Many of these Leftists, are educated by an Elitist educational system hell bent on indoctrinating students into becoming living and breathing propaganda machines, useless without their protests and hissy fits since a vast majority do not understand how to work, let alone know a trade.

CARF: Campaign Against Racism and Fascism

Gone off in a tangent however, you would understand the generic SJW, Feminist, Greens type of person is. So, I’ll use a quote from a deceased Australian poet; Les Murray, to provide a rather scathing political poem about Australia’s Globalist Elites:

Most Culture has been an East German plastic bag
Pulled over our heads, stifling and wet,
We see a hotly distorted world
Through crackling folds and try not to gag.

Sex, Media Careers, The Australian Republic
and recruited depression are in that bag
with scorn of God, with self-abasement studies
and funding’s addictive smelling-rag.

Eighty million were murdered by police
in the selfsame terms and spirit which nag
and bully and set the atmosphere
inside the East German plastic bag.

It wants to become our country’s flag…

All of people’s Australia, its churches and lore
are gang-raped by satire self-righteous as war
and, from trawling fresh victims to set on the poor,
our mandarins now, in one more evasion
of love and themselves
, declare us Asian.

If this has flown over your head, I understand for it is quite esoteric at first glace. Allow me to deconstruct it for you.

Les Murray, Australian Poet

Let’s begin with the first paragraph.

It is in reference to the Marxian era of Eastern Germany. Where the teachings from the Frankfurt school were utilised and put onto display. Those that do not know what the Frankfurt school is, I will explain:

The Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt University; better known as the ‘Frankfurt School.’ This was where the concept of ‘political correctness’ was born; an insidious doctrine that has led an assault on our culture ever since and has made its presence felt in social and political discourse on almost any subject today.

The Frankfurt School encouraged a revolution led by the ‘victims’ of an oppressive society. Minority groups, some of whom had legitimate grievances, became the vocal revolutionaries, demanding the old structures be dismantled to protect their ‘rights.’

No matter how well these structures functioned, there was unrelenting criticism of the traditional family, authority, social structure, racial makeup, national pride, nationality and our sense of identity. Those who believed in and supported traditional Western culture, were branded as ‘racist,’ ‘intolerant,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘sexist’ and ‘prejudiced.’ It should come to no surprise that those whose arguments have no substance are reduced to make ad hominem attacks on their opponents. Through seemingly endless public attacks on our social traditions, many of which were uncontested lest the defender become a target for Leftist vitriol himself, the public conditioning continued without the clarity of rational debate.

The “hotly distorted world” refers to how Leftists view the world, as an oppressive, intolerant, inherently evil culture. Wherever the West has been, the Left believe it has brought only destruction, devastation, genocide and extinction. Their world view has been distorted to only see the bad and never anything good the West has done. And as they are proven wrong in their indoctrinated stance, they “try not to gag” as the crackling folds of their East German plastic bag reveals the truth to them, the very same truth they cannot handle.

The Second Paragraph generally refers to an encapsulating definition of Australian Elitism/Leftism. Often the Left are dead set about the Sexual Revolution, liberalising the depraved and disgusting sexual cravings of a minority of people to reveal to the greater of society as ‘normal’. The Left/Elites also pursue Media Careers to keep their distorted world view as the ‘normal’ and ‘correct’ view and to enforce their agendas by silencing opposition or down-playing their oppositions performances. And the long Leftist and Elitist push in forcing Australia to become a Republic, not for Independence but to force the Australian people to give all power to Elites and the Left forever, so they can shape Australia to what they wish it to be and not what it is.

I have done many articles about this, you can read them here:
Keep the Australian Constitution
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The Head of State Revisited
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The Australian Crown


The rest of the second paragraph of that poem goes on about the Lefts depression, hollowed out souls, living their lives with worthless and degrading degrees. The Left are aimless and directionless in society, they do not have a place in it since they were made to become political puppets to the Elites machine.

The Third paragraph of the quote hints at those that have murdered by Left wing govts such as the USSR, Eastern Bloc, Maoist China, etc. The destruction of a once proud and culturally rich society to be remade into a blank and malleable state with no cultural anchor, no history, nothing. And to whoever attempts to re-establish such cultural anchors will be bullied into submission.

The Red flag, is what the Globalists intend to change the Australian flag into. They wish to remove its history, the Union Jack, they wish to remove the people who created Australia, the Federation Star, and they intend to extinguish our future, the Southern Cross. All in the name of their Elitist agenda.


The Fourth paragraph details how Australia is today. The Left have declared a culture war on Christianity and its institution, and Australia’s history, creating satire to denounce and demonise Australia’s lore and religion as well as to make it easier to denigrate it further. And the last paragraph goes on about how the Left have imported ‘mandarins’ also known as Chinese/Asians, who are competing with our poor and have been growing in numbers. To the very point that Australia, is becoming more Asian, than it is Australian. All the handiwork of the Left who despise the lower classes, the Working class, the very vanguard of Australian society, have made it harder for them to exist whilst an immigrant population combats the lower class, driving them out and impoverishing the Working class further whilst claiming to be the champions of the Working class in a depraved sense of entitlement.

This, is a deconstruction of Les Murrays political poem, that describes and illustrates what Australian Elitism is, what it wants, the reality of its agenda and ill fortunes it has bestowed upon Australia.

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