Aboriginal Recognition isn’t all what it is cracked up to be

For those that do not know, the Aboriginal Recognition Movement, that activists intend to instill into the Australian Constitution is set to create a parallel form of government for Aboriginals, by Aboriginals.

The so-called “Aboriginal Voice” intends to establish multiple representative bodies at a national, state and local level to advise the Australian Federal Parliament on issues relevant to Indigenous Australians. This is to create a representative government body entirely focused on the Aboriginal race.

Dangerously, this “Aboriginal Voice” would in practice exercise a veto over any policy passed by the Federal Parliament. Thus impede any real change, good or bad, in Australia. While a formal veto would not be written into the powers of the “Aboriginal Voice” body, the political risk associated with it would make it too costly for a government to go against the “Aboriginal Voice”.

The accusation of racism, rather than a formal written veto power, is in fact the power of the “Voice”.

Regardless of how the country votes in a referendum for constitutional ‘recognition’ or an ‘Aboriginal Voice,’ Australia as a whole will lose. Merely asking Australians to divide themselves by racial lines, be it Aboriginal, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Sudanese, will balkanise Australia into various smaller countries like Yugoslavia.

Many activists who suggest that Aboriginals are not recognised in the Constitution, do not know about the Constitutional Referendum in 1967 which was to “Alter the Constitution so as to omit certain words relating to the People of the Aboriginal Race in any State and so that Aboriginals are to be counted in reckoning the Population”.  Thus, proving these activists wrong in their assumption that Aboriginals are not represented.


The 1967 referendum thus made Aboriginals equal to Australians. Even though, the truth of the matter was to centralise much of, and kick-start the massive growth of, the Indigenous Affairs bureaucracy in Canberra. However, the point of it still stands.

It may very well be true that many Aboriginal Australians face a range of challenges from unemployment, high rates of incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse. Addressing these challenges may very well require local solutions. Many conservatives are usually in favour of a broad-based political decentralisation and empowerment of local communities to solve local problems.

It doesn’t mean, at all, to affect the universality of the Australian constitution and thus wouldn’t be compromised. Nor would it make Australian and Aboriginal concerns and needs to be treated differently.

We mustn’t have an overarching centralised government to cater to local problems pertaining Aboriginal or Australian affairs. Each and every Australian are treated equally, be it Aboriginal or Australian since they are recognised in the Constitution as equals.

To which, both Australians and Aboriginals are represented in a common national body; the Australian Parliament.

As well an additional serious problem with this parallel Aboriginal government body and that is – delay. It’s already difficult enough to get legislation passed in the National Parliament, due in part to the Gillard Government’s Human Rights Statement that must accompany each legislative proposal, but throwing Aboriginal consultation into the pot; plus given the acknowledged (including by Aboriginal Activists) difficulty of securing any type of agreement amongst Aborigines.

Thus will result in the legislative process at the national level could very well, grind to a halt and Australian Society in general will most likely suffer.

Aboriginal Activists

But, I urge a warning to those activists. The Pandora’s Box that they are willingly attempting to open will only cause more strive, division, hatred and even the destruction of both Australia and the Aboriginal people.

Because once these Aboriginals have their own special voice that appeals only to them, sooner or later, the Chinese would want their own, then the Arabic Muslims, then the Africans, then the Hispanics and the list will go on. Thus, dividing Australia; balkanising the country into many smaller ones, based purely on race, similar to what happened to Yugoslavia.

If these activists despise the dreaded ‘White Supremacist’ then why I ask, do they intend to push for Aboriginal Supremacy? To create a minority to have more power over the majority. That, isn’t equality.


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