Queensland New State Proposal

There has been yet another call for a split in Queensland. Various Groups have urged a call to split Queensland in two. North and South Queensland respectively.

Whereas this author does not live in Queensland nor has ever traveled there, however, it has been an interest to see how this goes and if successful what the name of the new state be called and if not, what was the causes of its failure.

I believe many individuals would have the idea of that, the new state would be called Capricornia or Carpentaria. Whereas Capricornia would have more precedent over Carpentaria since it is much more exposed and widely known in Northern Queensland. Since Capricornia has been a well known Division within Northern Queensland. However, there have been many names for the new state, new flag, new state motto and so on.

However, what must be pointed out are the reasons to why Northern Queensland intends to split from Brisbane. Many reasons can be summed up to a discontent and unrepresentative Queensland parliament in the regards for the Northerners. Many residents in northern Queensland have to struggle to secure growth and opportunities which are strangled by the Queensland parliament in Brisbane. Due to many divisions being in the city of Brisbane itself and not in other areas of the state, many disgruntled and angry northerners feel as if their voices are not being heard.

Boot Brisbane

A group such as Boot Brisbane, stated that they intend to create a Northern Queensland state from Central and Northern Queensland, that advances the prosperity of its residents with a parliament of their own.

Even a notorious politician, Bob Katter and his party have thrown in their support for a separated state. Bob Katters party has been stated as saying, “For too long, North Queensland has been treated as South East Queensland’s poor cousin.” Since Bob Katters Party believes that creating a separate state is the only way to unlock North Queensland’s “massive potential.”

Whether that is to be the case or not, time will tell.

It is not my place to say no or yes to this proposal. However, I would like to throw in my three cents into the ring. As my proposal for the new state of Northern Queensland to have a new name instead of being called Capricornia or Carpentaria. My name proposal is; Kingsland.

Why did I choose that name? Here is my reason. Due to the split of North and South Queensland, the Southern State would either be called South Queensland or Queensland or to have a new name. To hopefully quell the potential political, social and cultural mess that would come out of that, I’d suggest that the name of the Northern State to be called Kingsland. Keeping up with the theme of Monarchs, due to Queensland being named after Queen Victoria; Kingsland could potentially be named in anticipation of the upcoming King of Australia.

Not only that, but naming the state, Kingsland, could very well keep the original history and culture of Queensland that in no doubt many Queenslanders (Northern and Central Queenslanders) hold dear, such as the Colonial history and the unique Queenslander culture in the Central and Northern divisions of Queensland. And to use that cultural bedrock to branch off and form a new and unique Kingslander culture.

I’ve also thought of a Kingsland Flag and that unlike the territorian flags, could inherit the Union Jack used by the other states to proclaim its heritage and prestige as the youngest state. I have my problems with the Australian territorian flags, such as the Northern Territory flag and Canberra flag, since they look rather bland and frankly uninspiring, as well as, those flags do not provide the history of the territories just from a mere glance whereas a States flag does. I can tell from glancing at the Queensland flag for example, that the Union Jack represents their origins, of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish who founded and build the place and a unique symbol being the Crown and Maltese Cross that defines Queensland.

I have created a proposed Kingsland Flag as well to hopefully give the readers something to look at.

Potential Kingsland Flag

The proposed Kingsland Flag is using an old Queensland badge instead of the Maltese Cross, hence paying homage to the state it separated from and keeping up with the theme of Kings and Queens. On a personal level, I do like the badge. However, I would concede another proposal, and that being the Queensland Separation Flag, 1859. Potentially, so that the new state inherits something culturally and historically to call it their own.

As well as a State Motto to go with the state. Perhaps, Fidelis Autem Vera – Faithful And True, or maybe some other latin phrase.

And to choose a State Capital, instead of choosing Mackay, Townsville or Cairns as the States capital. I’d propose a Canberra Solution. Choose a spot relatively in the middle of all three cities and name the new city; Capricornia or a name that is similar to Capricornia but pays homage to it.

This has been my three cents into the New State proposal. It may not be much, but I only hope that the New State does at least pay some homage to its heritage and culture.


4 thoughts on “Queensland New State Proposal

  1. To Whom it may concern,

    The name, flag, capital and many other issues will have to be put the voters of the New State should we achieve statehood. I expect some appointed commission would receive relevant public submissions on numerous issues and present the voters with a number of options in a series of plebiscites.

    Regardless of what name is decided for the New State there is no need for the predecessor State of Queensland to change its name nor should it be.

    There is no impediment to the new State retaining its historical Queensland ‘branding’ and having the name ‘North Queensland’. Our colonial forefathers petitioned for the creation on the separate colonies of both Central Queensland and North Queensland and had not ‘Federation Conventions’ intervened that would have most likely occurred in the mid to late 1890s.

    As for the Capital, again this should be a matter for the voters. However, there should a strong against selecting any of the major regional cities as it would be akin to making the same mistake that has delivered the catalyst for separation. Additionally, one would hope that from the outset the New State would embrace the decentralization of various administrative function.

    While Boot Brisbane is advocating for a New State, as to it ‘configuration’ we expect that while we may initiate the debate on numerous issues, we have no more power to determine the outcome than any other member of the public. Additionally, I expect that should we achieve statehood that there would be much more prominent and smarter heads contributing to the conversation.
    Bill Bates
    Boot Brisbane

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  2. We need sovereign currency not tied in debt to the Bank of England or the world bank. Get rid of that red-cross in the Union Jack and then we’re cooking with gas


    1. So only have St Andrews cross in the canton?

      Also, we are not tied to the debt of the Bank of England, moreso with the world bank. But since we no longer have any ties to the Bank of England and that our currency is tied to CHINA and AMERICA rather the UK, I have no idea what you are going on about.


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