Civil War In Australia

The Planned Destruction of Anglo-Australia by Immigration, Multiculturalism and Asianisation


“Modern politics is civil war carried on by other means.” – Alasdair MacIntyre, British Catholic philospher

“Liberal Democracy assumes near-universal alliance to a common political culture, (thus) it is fundamentally incompatible with multiculturalism; to try to combine the two is to embark on a path whose logical terminus is civil war, followed by an imperium.” – William Ophuls, U.S political theorist.

Lambing Flats, Australian, Anti-Chinese Flag

The Face of the Enemy

Anglo-Saxon Australia is dead. This isn’t the kind of society we are.” – Malcolm Fraser former Prime Minister of Australia.

I think that if we build up gradually inside Australia a proportion of people without white skins, then there will be a complete lack of consciousness that it is being built up, and that we will arrive at a state where we will have a multi-racial country without racial tensions – and perhaps the first in the world.“- Sir John Gorton.

I would like to see a stage in the 1980’s where Australia is becoming the only true multi-racial country in the world, and that is the Liberal Party’s aim.” – Don Chipp, TV Monday Conference 21.5.1972.

Mr Menadue said that Australia was eager to attract migrants but traditional source countries such as Great Britain could be gradually edged out.”

We are an anomaly – a white race with Asians between us and the rest of the world … We tend, because of historical, cultural and ethnic reasons, to look over our neighbours towards Europe. I believe that if you look at things in the span of history, and not in one man’s lifetime, we will become not just a multicultural society – which seems to me to be a soft sort of terminology anyway – we will become a Eurasian society and we will be all the better for it. … There is absolutely no reason why Australia should not be that sort of mixed society. We should welcome the process of becoming a Eurasian – type society. It all comes back to the old brother-hood of man stuff. It’s regarded as pretty soppy these days, but I still happen to believe it.” – Bill Hayden, former ALP leader.

I believe that Australia will ultimately become a Eurasian country as Australian Europeans and Australian Asians marry one another. I think that a desirable trend“. – Bill Hayden

A truly multi-racial society is our ideal.” – Prime Minister John Gorton in Singapore.

Australia is something of a freak in Asia, a kind of ugly duckling, ruled by a transplanted European people soaking up the sun and skin cancer in a climate for which they were never intended…The Asian Australians who come here and form the links and bridges must have a sense of Australia first, a commitment to Australia and not a sense of carving out spheres of influence within Australia for the various countries from which they come. The lazy country will become the lovely country, the white society will be the honey-coloured society and the ugly duckling will become the honey coloured swan.” – Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald.

I believe very strongly we must fight for the end of the Anglo-Celtic domination of Australia. We must fight for the end of that situation in which those, like myself, who are descendants of the Anglo-Celts say that no one else would really be suitable in a top position in Australia“. – Professor Manning Clark.

Often, the way the media portrays the Jewish community will depend on where the journalist doing the portraying stands on multiculturalism. My belief is that while many journalists say they are in favour of a multicultural Australia, deep down, almost unconsciously, they have doubts and fears about such an Australia. This is not surprising. Multiculturalism is not just about eating sushi and watching foreign movies on SBS. It is about accepting that Australia will be transformed, both racially and culturally, over the medium and long term. That can be frightening. It can lead to a nostalgia for a simpler, more ‘Australian’ past. Together with Geoffrey Blainey and Terry Lane – amongst others – I think many journalists long for such a vanished past. It is a past that probably never existed, which is often the case when it comes to nostalgia.” – Michael Gawenda, Jewish writer, then editor of Time (South Pacific)
The same remarks should be applied to the historical myths of Zionism.

Today the recognition that (coloured society is ‘inevitable’)…is being much more widely acknowledged.” – Professor W.G. Walker.

When I use the term ‘Anglo ascendancy’, I mean the Anglo/European/American dominant influences in our education, our social life and our place in the world. That heritage of values we care about needs to come to terms with a radically different future. (i.e. An Asian One).” – Professor Nancy Viviani.12

With huge interaction between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, you can’t cut your immigration programme and should not cut it.” – Senator Nick Bolkus, Immigration Minister April 1995.

Asia is emphatically where this country’s security and prosperity lie. It is where an increasing number of our people come from and – unambiguously and wholeheartedly – it is where we want to be … Our efforts on free trade, multiculturalism and education and training are all part of the same strategy.” – Prime Minister Paul “Pig Farmer” Keating.

As of now, Australians are not regarded as indigenous Asians. Over time, when there’s more Asians going to Australia and the population is over 50 percent non-white and the rest white, then maybe you’ll be regarded as Asians.” – Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong of Singapore.

Our contribution in 30 – 40 years time will be the APEC constitution not the national one.” – Professor Julian Disney.

Australia will be run by Asian capital.” – John Elliott (18th September 1992).

The Asianisation of Australia is part of globalisation.” – Greg Sheridan.

The monocultural Australia imagined by our parent’s generation has passed forever.” – Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Asianisation does not mean a visible intake of Asian migrants. It means depressing wages to a level where Australians wage-workers can compete with Asian labour.

It is important to remember Australia before the most recent wave of immigration. It was dull, self-satisfied and joylessly conformist … not merely mindless, but lobotomised.” – Phillip Adams, giving a description which more accurately depicts the new class elites.

Australia has to recognise that it is an Asian nation, and the sooner…the better.” – Wal King, CEO, Leighton Holdings.

Key business figures are backing a push to open up immigration, warning that Australia will be left economically devastated and vulnerable to invasion unless the population climbs as high as 50 million by 2050.

We should migrate North in our millions, legally or illegally. Masses of Asians and Africans should inundate Europe and America. If there is any strength that we have, it is in the numbers. Three-fourths of the world is either black, brown, yellow, or some combination of all these. We will make all nations in the world rainbow nations.” – Mahathir Bin (Laden?) Mohamed, Prime Minister of Malaysia, on a deadly form of genetic terrorism, 1997.

Multiculturalism means never having to go overseas to find an enemy.” – Anonymous

The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would feel more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.” – Miriam Faine

Time Magazines “We Are Australia” Issue

If This Be Doomsday

The above quotes can be multiplied ad nauseum. Our grandchildren will be Asian says journalist Peter Smark, beaming with delight. In September 1992, South Australian Attorney General Chris Sumner said that “Anglo-Saxon” culture and institutions should not be regarded as superior and that there may be better ways of doing things, especially in the context of multiculturalism and an Asianising society.

For Nobel Prize winner, Peter Doherty, the “Anglo-Australian” culture which nurtured and educated him was “stultifying, boring.” The Answer, according to Tony Pitman and others, is for Australia to be swamped with Asians” – for as Rex Jory tells us, the rule of the white world is over.  Perhaps it is also time for the end of the era of white journalists, who, in the name of Asianisation, could be replaced by Asian migrant journalists.

The blurring of the relationship between multiculturalism (a doctrine of ethnic pluralism and maximum ethnic diversity) and Asianisation, (a reduction of racial and cultural diversity to that of Asia) is constantly made by the anti-Anglo elites. Thus the late Kerry Packer (named in 1984 as the “Goanna” in the Costigan Royal Commission into organised crime, but subsequently exonerated of all allegations linking him to drug trafficking, murder, real estate fraud and tax evasion) supported multiculturalism, but also wanted an Asianised population of 70 million.
Phil Ruthven of Ibis International, wants 150 million Asians in Australia ASAP – yesterday if possible. Otherwise we might be invaded…by Asians! Former PM, Malcolm Fraser, anxious for any media exposure, has argued that if Australia had a population of 50 million, then Asia (the great yellow god) would notice us, since we would be “Asian.”

That Australia is a “part of Asia” is a key tenet in the new globo-religion of the elites, second only to “if it’s white, it’s wrong.” This mantra has been repeated so often that it seems to have produced a group psychosis. Thus Senator Gareth “Biggles” Evans declared on 20th March 1995 that Australia was not an Asian – Pacific nation, but an East Asian nation. Evans meant this literally, supposing that by some cartographic witchcraft, geographic hemispheres using meridians of longitude, could transport the Australian continent to the land of the Asian gods. Better yet, Greg Sheridan, who salivates at the mention of the god-word “Asia”, said at the time that “East Asia” includes all of the nations of South East Asia – a contradiction in terms.

It was of no avail pointing out to the Asianisers that Australia is a distinct continent, biologically separated from Asia by the Wallace Line and that most European cities are closer to Asia than Canberra, or that Asia could be part of Australia by their same logic! Owen Harries, in examining the geographical determinism of “blind prophets” such as Greg Sheridan and Richard Woolcott, said, “To emphasise geography as decisive at the very time when technology is making physical distance and proximity less significant than they have ever been in human history, and when communication with any part of the world is virtually instantaneous, seems perverse. Far from being inescapable, the reality of geography, in a sense of it’s human significance, is constantly changing, constantly being circumvented.”

Multiculturalism has also been treated as a quasi-religious entity. “No one can take away our diversity” Randazzo says in ethnic baby-talk. Australia apparently cannot survive without a mixture of races. For Pierre Ryckman, a monoculture is hardly conceivable! For Jewish justice Einfield, multiculturalism is our “duty”. It is “decent, just and right” said the equally pc Sir William Deane when he was G-G. And best of all, for Chasson Hage, even multiculturalism reinforces White power. Can that be topped? Attacking the British and Anglo-Australians is old hat : we just know that Captain Cook was a Holocaust denying Nazi sailor. Hell, even “Anglo-Saxon” cooking is racist, boring, dirty, lacking in culture etc., etc.

There is no need in this essay to put multiculturalism and Asianisation in a historical context because this task has already been done by Katherine Betts in “The Great Divide,” Bob Browning in “Boom and Gloom” Marx Lopez in “The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945 – 1975,” and Paul Sheehan, “Among the Barbarians”.

Lopez’s book was done as a Ph.D. thesis, supervised by Colin Rubenstein, a leading Jewish multicultural evangelist. The book has a foreword by Sir James Gobbo, then governor of Victoria, an Italian -Australian with a chip, (or a pizza?) on his shoulder because some “Anglo” lads at school called him a dago. Never mind that this country let him in in the first place. Even given these pc credentials, “The Origins of Multiculturalism” is an important text because it clearly shows how multiculturalism was deceitfully imposed upon Anglo-Australia.

This Anglocidial policy was developed by a small group of largely left wing fringe academics, social workers and activists, many to advance the Frankfurt School hype of stuble Marxism and general leftism involving ‘a long march through the institutions’. Activists include Ronald Taft and demographer Charles Price, Jean Martin, David Cox, Alan Matheson, Des Storer, Arthur Faulkner, James Jupp, Brian Howe, Jim Houston, Jerzy Zubrzycki, Walter Lippman, Andrew Jakubowicz, Laksiri Jayasuriya, George Papadopoulos, Spiro Moriaitis, ad nauseum. As Betts points out, at first these crusaders met in little rooms privately, plotting in true conspiracy fashion. But this coyness was only in the early days. By 1980 after Australia had been awash with Vietnamese boat people, the Future Directions conference was held at La Trobe University.

“Future Directions” set the agenda for the advanced programme of racial genocide of Anglo-Australia. It was recommended that Australia form part of a multi-national regional grouping, given that it’s future population would be Asiatics. “Voluntary Asianisation will be encouraged on a regional basis”, the conference recommended. Globalisation was supported, as was radical feminism, that men “become like women”. Obviously the lack of resistance to these evils indicates that men here have become like women, losing their manhood, to fight such evils.

Lopez mentions that multiculturalism was advanced by the “politics in incrementalism”, a tried and proven Fabian strategy. Part of this strategy has involved the ALP using a racially biased immigration policy to build up Labor’s electoral constituency during the 13 years of Labor Federal Government. Using the family reunion programme Labor beefed up it’s urban seats with ethnics whose votes were bought by government largesse. The use of ethnics for vote stacking and of slush funds to pay for countless thousand non-English speaking ALP memberships, has been well documented by Sheehan.

Proof of Labor’s racial politics was first given by Barry Jones, then president of the ALP on 30th August 1997 at the annual conference of Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population. Jones said:
“The handling of immigration by the previous Labor Government was, I’d have to say, less than distinguished. Partly because, I think, immigration was seen as very important, a tremendously important element in building up a long term political constituency. There was a sense that you might get the Greek vote locked up or, from the other party-political points of view, you might get the Chinese vote locked up. As a result, the idea of bringing groups of people to fulfil family reunion requirements, and so on, was seen at the time as being a real advantage to the party in power at the time”. This was an act for which , among other things, treason trials must be held in future.



Multiculturalism has served as a disguise for the wider globalist agenda of Asianisation. The aim of the multicultural policy has been to break down any sense of Australian national identity based on Australia’s British past. In the place of the White Australia policy is the “Yellow Australia Policy” a discriminatory policy that selects migrants on the basis of them being Asian. It is a policy much more “racist” than the White Australia Policy ever was.

The story of Australia’s betrayal is full of characters that would not be misplaced in fictional worlds. Consider tender-hearted PM Bob “Silver Bodgie” Hawke. He allowed thousands of Chinese students to stay in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square affair – crying, with his nose running. Yet this is the same man that said at the outbreak of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, that if he was the Israeli Prime Minister he would use the atomic bomb and wouldn’t give a damn about world morality. The same man denied Australians the right to choose on the Asian question. Hawke has helped many companies do business in China, including Quantum Resources Ltd. run by Joseph “Diamond” Gutnick, prominent Australian Jew. As Browning has noted:

“Hawke also had connections with the Hong Kong Emperor Group. Its chairman and biggest shareholder is Albert Yeung whom Hawke said he respected as an efficient and imaginative entrepreneur … Yeung was convicted of perverting the course of justice in 1980. After Hawke came onboard, Yeung was charged with threatening to break the leg of a former employee, Michael Lam. The prosecution fell apart at the trial, … when a ‘frightened’ Mr. Lam and four other witnesses were mysteriously unable to remember their previously detailed statements to police”.

Hawke is typical of the new class elites in so far as they project an image of high morality. Along with Malcolm Fraser, Hawke attacked the U.S. for its criticisms of China’s human rights abuses. Both have held that the U.S. was not morally permitted to do this because of its own racist past. But Beijing’s economic miracle is dependant upon prison labour camps, (laogai camps “burns my soul”) where, if prisoners are not killed for organs for organ transplants, or shot en masse on “execution days” or tortured to death, they are worked to death. Hawke ignores China’s brutal genocide of Tibet.

Hawke along with Fraser, has admitted that the major parties colluded to keep immigration levels high. Hawke adds to this saying that this would not have been possible without the cooperation of the ACTU and “acquiescence of the ACTU leadership”. Hawke was president of the ACTU from 1970 to 1980 and played a major role in gutting union resistance to mass immigration.

The end result of the policies of multiculturalism and immigration is the racial genocide of Anglo Australia. Walker’s law (that foreign racial migrants suppress the birth rates of native migrants and replace them) seems to be operating in Australia. Charles Price, aging demographer and activist against White Australia, has documented this demographic genocide. (Price himself has a naïve obsession that intermixture will eliminate ethnic tension, forgetting a thousand lessons of history where intermixture merely proliferated conflicts. Australia was 98 per cent Anglo-Nordic at federation. After World War II Australia was 90 per cent Anglo-Australian and 99 per cent European. In less than three generations a bloodless ethnic revolution occurred so that so that by 1999 the “ethnic strength” (a measure of degree of ethnicity i.e. how many “parts” ethnic is in a population) of Anglo-Australia was 69-88 per cent.

The ethnic strength of Asians (including West Asians, North Africans, South Asians. South East Asians and North East Asians) was 9.03 per cent (see Price’s tables in the appendix to this essay).

By 2025 the percentage rises to 19.09 percent. When Pauline Hanson cited Price’s figures he said that his figures had been distorted by counting Turkish, Lebanese and Arab migrants as Asian. But this is precisely what Price himself did, lumping West Asia and North African together.

There are good racial and geographical reasons for doing this.

Contrast all of this with the official ABS view that 7 percent of the Australian population will be Asian born by 2041! Price said that the total unmixed Asian component of the Australian population in 1996 was 8.16 per cent. This is a conservative view of Asianisation that ignores the radical new approach taken to White genocide in recent years involving temporary migrants who never leave as well as the multitude of illegals. Phil Ruthven’s view that Australia will be completely Asian by the end of this century seems more accurate.

The irony of all this is that the idea of globalisation, that the Asian century led by China has now dawned, is a myth created by European intellectuals. Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said to the Second Malaysia-China Forum in Beijing, August 1996, that China is no longer the historical “Middle Kingdom:

“Asia is not Europe. Asia is only an arbitrary geographical entity; it is not a political entity. It is not an ethnic entity. The people who inhabit Asia are so different from each other that they should be identified not as Asians, but as distinct ethnic groups. While European and Americans largely follow one religion, the variety of religions that Asians believe is quite astounding. Animism, paganism and all of the other known religions of the world are not only to be found in the Asian continent, but they clearly divide Asians into bitterly antagonistic groups… With all this diversity can there be an Asian country? … Most of the economic growth is happening only in one corner of Asia, in East Asia.. Even if South – East Asia is not really developed economically.”

Mahathir also said:

“One gets the feeling that when it comes to the crunch they (Asians) are quite likely to turn against their fellow Asians rather than against non – Asians… The wealth of East Asia did not originate entirely in East Asia. On the contrary, much of it originated from trade between Asian countries and the West; Europe and USA served as the engine of growth for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore and now of the so-called ‘tigers’ of South East Asia… I say we should cease talking about the impending Asian century”. [60]

By way of conclusion, we have found no better words of finishing than those once made by Denis McCormack who said:

“Civil wars have been fought, and treason trials initiated on the strength of public feeling about less significant experiments than have been foisted on the Australian public in recent years.”

Thus: “They needn’t say the fault was ours if blood should stain the wattle.” But of course, they will!



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41. The Editorial “Immigration Opens Up Our Society,” The Weekend Australian 6-7th June 1998. p.18 is an insightful title: immigration opens up society like a gangster’s knife or bullet. But who says that multiculturalism does not embrace the theatre of the absurd. According to The Advertiser (Adelaide) 7th February 2000, front page and p.2, M. Bowman, “A Public Sacrifice of Pet Goat,” a baby goat was bought by a non-English speaking man of Middle Eastern appearance from a pet nursery on a family day. The man took the animal to nearby Torrens Lake and slaughtered it in a religious rite. However the man originally intended to slaughter the baby goat in the nursery, but crying kiddies and the abuse of parents caused him to perform the religious slaughter by the river. The goat “thought it was being patted and cared for” but it then had it’s throat cut. “Man in Court over Slaughter of Goat Kid,” The Advertiser, 22nd February 2000, p.8. This story could well be a symbolic representation of the elites’ treatment of Anglo-Australia.
42. Anti-English hatred has now led to Captain Cook being seen as an “invader” in the N.S.W. Government School syllabus. Students are to “examine Aboriginal democratic practices before British invasion [sic]”. S. Pristel and T. Marshallsea, “Cook an Invader in School Books,” The Advertiser, 21st August 1999. Someone should tell then that there were no Aboriginal democratic practices. Aboriginal society was a parochial, sexist tribal society, ruled by the Elders, not by the mob. Anglo history, such as the story of Alfred the Great has been dropped in favour of the “Black people of the Americas”. Students in Australia can now wallow in racial guilt as a pig can wallow in mud. On the Anglo-English bias of multiculturalism: J. Carroll, “The Denigration of Australia’s British Links,” IPA Review, Winter 1986 pp.27-29; T. Dusevic, “Multiculturalism Dangerous : Academic,” The Australian 2nd June 1995, p.2.
43. Multiculturalism for many academic slobs seems to be about food and drink, eating out. Never must multicultural food disasters such as Garibaldi smallgoods or Pan Pharmaceuticals be allowed to spoil the myth: P. Karvelos and J. Sexton, “Pan Sold Products Capable of Killing,” The Australian 26th August 2003, p.5.: Or the Asian joys of eating “screaming prawns”, live green prawns soaked in alcohol and set alight (they “scream”). Experience the Asian joys of picking the flesh from lobsters, served with shells cracked, but still alive and moving on your plate. (At least it’s fresh). In China, eating the brain of a monkey, while the monkey is still alive is not uncommon. Catherine Saxelby, “Here’s to multiculturalism: Good Health,” Herald Sun, 2nd August 1993, pp. 25-27, attacks the Anglo-Saxon diet of meat and plain vegetables. Perhaps this diet is too high in meat in the post World War II period, but in general it was low in fat and high in fibre: “Home Cookery for Australia,” 2nd edition, (Gordon and Gotch, Melbourne, 1906), (given to us by one of the team’s grandmother). Contrary to Saxelby, most ethnic foods served in restaurants are very unhealthy, e.g. Chinese food laced with MSG, colour agents and fried rice oozing with fat; Italian food such as pizza dripping with cholesterol and Greek food, typically fried and full of sugar. Restaurant reviewer Stephen Downet in “Advanced Australian Fare,” (Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2002) debunks the idea that immigration gave us great cooking. Australian ethnic cooking was a product of what was learnt and used as ingredients in Australia: J. Walker, “Dinky-di Chefs Dine Out on Ethnic Myth : Author,” The Australian, 9th September 2002, p.3.
44. K. Betts, “The Great Divide : Immigration Politics in Australia,” (Duffy and Shellgrove, Sydney, 1999).
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48. Laksiri Jayasuriya came to Australia as a private student to Sydney University in 1951, due to Professor A.P. Elkin, a critic of White Australia. He was appointed to the staff of Sydney University in 1954, his passport endorsed personally by Harold Holt. Jayasuriya was the first Asian to serve on the Immigration Advisory Council (SAC) in 1973. He has devoted considerable energy towards criticising Anglo Australia, the people who gave him the job. For his gloating self-congratulatory handiwork see “Fin de Sie’cle Musings,” in L. Jayasuriya (et al), “Legacies of White Australia,” (University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, 2003).
49. Professor Jerzy Zubrzycki, a Jew, is said to be the “author” of Australian Multiculturalism through his advice to the Fraser government in the 1970’s. Later he came to mildly question some aspects of the policy of multiculturalism, fearing that violence between the Greek and Macedonian communities was a symptom of social fragmentation. Indeed he could have mentioned other symptoms such as home invasions, drive-by shootings, attacks on Anglo-Australians by ethnic gangs, racially motivated gang rapes of Anglo-women, protection rackets, money laundering, visa scams, the murder of police officers, especially by the Italian Mafia, the machine gunning of police stations, terrorist threats made against police officers and their families, political assasinations, drugs and arms smuggling and people smuggling.
50. K. Betts, “Review of Mark Lopez, The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975,” People and Place, vol 8, no.3, 2000, pp. 83-86.
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52. as above p.43.
53. P. Sheehan, “Among the Barbarians,” as above.
54. Quoted from P. Sheehan, “How Migrants Fuelled ALP’s Race to Power”, The Age, 30th May 1998.
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58. C. Price, “Australian Population : Ethnic Origins,” People and Place, vol 7, No. 4, 1999, pp.12-16 and “Australians All: Who on Earth Are We?” (31 Rawson Street, Deakin, ACT 2600, April 2000). Price is said to be a Christian and is somewhat fearful of Arab “extremists”. In 1993 he said that social order could be threatened if Arab immigration continued at present levels. M. Daly, “Arab Extremists Could Threaten Order: Expert,” The Age, 11th March 1993, p.6. Price expresses his views on intermixture and miscegenation in “Ethnic Intermixture in Australia”, People and Place, vol.1, No.1, 1993, pp.6-7. However, few if any mixed societies are stable: J.C.A. Dique, “Immigration : The Quiet Invasion,” (Veritas Publishing, Bullsbrook, W.A. 1985, pp.97-98).
59. On Price’s technical work in demography see “Immigration and Ethnicity,”(Commonwealth Department on Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Canberra, 1996) and with S-E. Khoo, “Understanding Australia’s Ethnic Composition,” (Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Canberra 1996.) See also S-E. Khoo, “Intermarriage in Australia: Patterns by Ancestry, Gender and Generation,” People and Place, vol. 12, No. 2, 2004, pp.35-44. Based on the 2001 census data on ancestry, over 60% of couples had both spouses of the same ancestry. One third of all couples had spouses of different ancestry, most of these couples having the spouses of different European ancestries, or are spouses of Australian ancestry and the other spouse of European ancestry most commonly English-Australian and English-Irish. Less than 4 percent of all couple families were intermarriages between a person of Australian/European ancestry and a person of non-European ancestry. Most of the group claiming Australian ancestry who had intermarried had spouses of English, Scottish or Irish ancestry. Non-English speaking ancestries who married outside their ethnic group, largely had Anglo-Australian spouses.
60. J.C.A. Dique, “Multicultural Policy has a Racist Bias of it’s Own,” The Australian, 8th May 1991, p.10.
61. C. Price, “The Asian Element in Australia: 1996,” People and Place, vol.5,No.4, 1997. 62. B. Browning, “Boom and Gloom,” p.168.

5 thoughts on “Civil War In Australia

  1. Well, I am bitterly surprised to see those prominent Australian people turning against their own identity, culture, history and the country’s SOVEREIGNITY. I strongly would suggest that the good people of Australia, will take this hidden agenda very seriously. By loosing the sovereignty, we will loose the identity, patriotism, culture, history, freedom, democracy and the CIVILISATION itself.
    That’s what the Lefties all around the World have been vigorously doing, since the Communist Manifesto was born in 1848.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr Zekri Palushi (MD)

      I mostly agree with your comment.

      HOWEVER, I would suggest that you have made an error when you mention the origin date of the (((filthy))) manifesto.
      You imply that it was ‘born’, language usage that I take great umbrage with as ‘born’/birth suggests to me a beautiful ACT OF CREATION;
      whereas stating that (((grubby))) document was ‘shat out’ is more in line with the promotion of ENTROPY or DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, being one of the tributaries of the PESTILENCE that is INFECTING the civilised world.


    1. People won’t realise until we are at the point that White Australians are only 49% of the overall population and even then, when given what that scenario is like; London and South Africa, we cannot hope to defend ourselves without being called out as Racists, Fascists and have our own government crack down on us.


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