The Hong Kong Issue

There’s some stuff about trying to get Hong Kongers to flee to Australia that’s been popping up, time and time again. And I want to throw in my opinion on the matter.

I view the problem in Hong Kong to be dire for sure. But to where they flee to when shit hits the fan is a much more dire situation. Let me paint the picture here.


Australia is suffering immensely from immigration, our cities are bursting at the seams and buildings are being constructed with questionable materials and personnel. Including of which, foreign entities and governments have quite a lot of power in Australia, namely China.

The Chinese population harassed and attacked the Hong Kong population, outnumbering them 30-1 in those protests in our cities. Just imagine the outrage from China when we accept a lot of Hong Kongers? Our PRIMARY trading partner, who can literally send us into a Great Depression since we have been retarded enough to listen to their siren calls of free trade and money.

I believe that in the safety for Hong Kongers and for Australia, Hong Kongers should choose other SE-Asian countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.

Why do I suggest those countries? Well, they are developing nations and they’d benefit greatly from the Hong Kong Exodus. Taiwan would benefit the most since the Hong Kongers would have the opportunity to influence and change the nation into an alternative model for a democratic China, a spiritual successor to Hong Kong by being a bigger and better Hong Kong, without the problem of bowing down to the CCP in their system of governance. Hong Kongers could even have the opportunity to create a better system of governance, or even implementing their own Constitutional Monarchy system of government, inspired by the British. They have an opportunity to create stability and unity.

Hong Kongers have the opportunity to turn Taiwan into “British China.” I say “British China” as in, its institutions and system of government can be British inspired, Common Law and so on can be implemented into Taiwan, which could become a “British China” with Chinese aspects. Something that Sun Yat-Sen would have liked to see China become.

Other countries that I mentioned before, can benefit by using the Hong Kongers to develop their economies, industries and to influence their democratic processes. To make those countries prosperous and strong against threats like China. And since they are in close proximity to Hong Kong, they can be better sanctuaries from China than Australia is currently due to the CCP’s influence and control over our media outlets, universities and its control over our economy and trade.

Don’t fall for the trap, go to other SE-Asian countries and make a name for yourselves as those who developed SE-Asia into prosperous DEVELOPED nations!


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