Australian State Flag Designs

After from watching one video on YouTube, which was about Australian States seceding from the Commonwealth and becoming independent. I had a look at the flag designs from that video.

The flag designs are from Brendan Jones, that were used on the video itself. But, I do have a problem with the designs, I find them rather lacking, too plain looking, uninspired and frankly, it almost seems as if Brendan Jones is trying to re-create the states rather than working with what they are already.

And with that being said, I’ve taken the liberty to design my own version of the State Flags to be more ‘modern’ but still retain the Australian States histories as best as I could. However, in this hypothetical, I have designed them with the limitations made by Brendan Jones, i.e no Union Jack and Modern State colours.

Warning: I do not intend to promote any movement to change Australian State Flags, they are perfect as they are currently and I will in any case, defend them regardless if the alternative designs are good or not.

That being said, I will provide examples of Australian State Flags designed by Brendan Jones and then contrast them with my own designs:

Brendan Jones Designs

Victoria Flag Design
New South Wales Flag Design
Queensland Flag Design
South Australia Flag Design
Western Australia Flag Design
Tasmania Flag Design


My Flag Designs

Vic Flag Design
Victoria Flag Flag Design
NSW Flag Design
New South Wales Flag Design
QLD Flag design 1
Queensland Flag Design
SA 2
South Australia Flag Design
WA Flag Design
Western Australia Flag Design
Tasmania Flag Design
Tasmania Flag Design

Meaning Behind the Flag Designs?

Just like with Brendan Jones, who detailed the meaning behind his flags; you can read it here

I will give out my reasoning for my flag designs:



The bi-colour of Red and White represents Victoria’s colonial past and the blood of those who died at the Eureka Stockade. It has a similar design to the Eureka Flag, including an extra St George’s cross to represent Eureka and it’s goldfield heritage.

The stars on the design have the current Victoria flags different pointed stars, barring the removal of the centre star with an Imperial Crown worn by Queen Victoria, whose name was used for the state of Victoria to pay homage to the origin of the state.


New South Wales

The four colours used are Gold, Blue, Red and White. The Blue, Red and White is to symbolise New South Wales heritage and historic links to Great Britain. The Gold, however, represents the states prosperity and wealth.

One could also say that the Blue background represents the Scottish, the Red St Georges cross represents the English and the White middle ground represents the other White settlers who made New South Wales.

The Lion however, is a heritage and historic link to the Mother Country.



The tri-colours used are Yellow, Maroon and Navy Blue. The maroon is seen as a state colour so instead of the red used with the other previous flags, maroon was chosen to be the crimson thread of kinship for the State of Queensland. The stylised crowns represents Monarchy, due to the state being named after Queen Victoria.

The Lion represents the states heritage and historic links to the Mother Country along with New South Wales.


South Australia

Now this was a weird one, which I found rather enjoyable to create and had a particular fondness of its design. It uses two main colours, being rhodochrosite red and white. Along with the state emblem in the centre of the flag.

The rhodochrosite red represents South Australia’s outback deserts, however, the White crosses represents the Free Settlers who came to South Australia. Along with a Golden Circle to represent the South Australian Sun (and heat) with the State Emblem being a stylised version of the existing State Badge – the Piping Shrike or White Backed Magpie – with wings outstretched.

While, the stars represents the Southern Cross Constellation.


Western Australia

It’s design is rather simple, and the reason behind it is purely due to Western Australia’s efforts of succession and it’s reverence of the United Kingdom, being that it wanted to become it’s own separate Dominion under the United Kingdom. And often being the place in which British immigrants go to. It’s symbol still uses it’s Swan Colony emblem brazen in front of the Union Jack.



The design utilises the historic Van Diemen’s Flag into it’s design. Replacing the Union Jack due to the limitations imposed, with the State Emblem, the Crimson Tasmanian Lion.

The tri-colours used are Red, Gold and heritage Green. Similar meanings can be said about the cross and the stripes since it’s using the Van Diemen’s Flag design, however, one could say that the St George’s cross represents the Convicts of British Origin who were transported to the island, the Green and Gold represents Tasmania’s wealth and lush green forests.


Reasoning End


Those are my reasonings for the designs. The purpose of the flags was what might happen if the states became independent, somehow, and had their own flags. Brendan’s designs however, are for a “modern” Australia. Take that as you will. But I still prefer our current flag designs, but if push comes to shove and there’s a referendum afoot, I hope that my designs at least get mentioned.

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