After Brexit, what could happen next?

After the recent UK general elections which resulted in a Conservative majority, which will lead to the UK finally leaving the EU. At the time of writing this article, the UK hasn’t left just yet, however, what got the noggin’ joggin’ about the whole Brexit event is what’ll happen after?

Given how the UK has been given soo much trade deals, in anticipation of it leaving the EU, so much so that it makes the EU rather envious in comparison. The idea that popped into my head was, what happens if the UK decides to create its own Economic Zone just like the EU (European Union), USAN (Union of South American Nations), ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), AU (African Union), EEU (Eurasian Economic Union, PIF (Pacific Islands Forum), etc, but have one economic organisation with its former dominions?

CANZUK Proposal Flag

One such idea, has already been in the woodworks as of current and have been pushing for it in Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. This idea, is called the CANZUK, (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom); Yeah, it’s a rather weird name for an organisation and I’d believe they’d probably change it later down the track. But, nonetheless, it proposes an economic and political union between those countries. It does also offer increased trade, foreign policy co-operation, military co-operation and mobility of citizens between the four nations.

Said nations, being Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, having similar cultures, a shared history, shared systems of governance and shared heritages, it would be beneficial for those nations to create a new trade axis that benefits them after the Brexit withdrawal. However, it doesn’t also have to just be those four nations, I’d believe that the CANZUK idea would evolve much like how the EU evolved from the EEC (European Economic Community), to include former members of the British Empire that are currently within the Commonwealth of Nations (the successor of the Empire some might say) and even the United States, however, possibly not to the level as the four Anglophone countries.

Such an organisation would have tremendous benefits for those involved and could; from Australia’s perspective, remove massive amounts of foreign investment and intervention from our shores. This is all theoretical of course, but in the wake of the Tories victory, it could possibly be the start of a new trade bloc, and a brave new future for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom if they were to choose to do so. And if it’s successful, the CANZUK could theoretically rename itself to The Anglosphere.

Anglosphere Flag Proposal

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