An Independent Australian Monarchy

I do not advocate to remove Australia’s system of governance, but it’s improvement. Our government has been a very successful and stable system that many countries look to us in envy. The Australian Republicans however, have the intent to remove this system of governance over selfish and ideological reasons. Whilst failing to provide a viable alternative to the system of governance that we currently have.

Said ‘alternative’ that they have is to replace the Governor-General with an elected President or maintain the current system of appointment by the Prime Minister.

If the latter is chosen, why change at all?

It would be, by all intents and purposes, an almost identical system that we have today, except for the safeguard against a dictatorial Governor-General and the proverbial royal tick off on the Prime Ministers recommendation.

However, if the former was chosen; which is often seen as the most viable alternative considering the constant clatter about democracy. Is utterly rife with failings and would be a complete disaster for Australia.

Australia as it currently stands, is over-governed, overtaxed and over-regulated. There’s 227 federal MPs, 610 state and territory MPs and 547 local governments, each with a minimum of six councilors. For a country of just over 25 million, we’ve got two million public servants across federal, state and local governments, excluding consultants and outside contractors, many of them justifying their existence by telling us how to live our lives through increased regulation.

Over-regulations are restricting Australia and Australians

Now, these Republicans want to give us more?

And we know how this will go as well. There will be presidential candidates whom of which will make promises to voters, buying votes with voters money. That will inevitably lead to new and increased taxes to pay for the questionable promised programs and the new bureaucracies that will be needed to implement them.

Australian Republicans love big government.

They, no doubt, will be happy with an ex-politician, ex-celebrity, or ex-sports star presidential candidate who would happily make promises using our money.

We don’t need this. We need smaller government, not bigger government.

Our tax-to-GDP ratio is more than six times what it was at Federation and continues to increase annually.

The Monarchy is not a burden on the Australian taxpayer. Australia makes no contribution to the Queen’s upkeep, apart from royal visits, which in themselves generate tourist revenue.

Besides all of that, who do these Republicans want soo desperately to be elected as Australia’s President? Malcolm Turnbull? Kevin Rudd? Clive Palmer? Eddie McGuire? Peter FitzSimons? The latter of whom would, in no doubt, be salivating at the mere prospect of a life at Yarralumla.

Australia’s political system has its problems. But these problems, namely, governments that interfere too much and tax too much, would not be exacerbated, not fixed, not magically disappear by abandoning the Constitutional Monarchy in favour of a Republic.

The Queen of Australia’s throne at Government House in Melbourne. With the the engraving ‘Advance Victoria’.

As for Royal Family issues that the Windsors would no doubt be dealing with, they are matters only for that family to resolve, not the voyeurs.

Instead of constantly asking the Australian people if they wish to abandon its Constitutional Monarchy for a bloated bureaucratic Republic, why not ask the Australian people a different question, albeit, similar in its principle.

Does the Australian people want their own Monarchy?

Often times than not, Australians are constantly asked about “Independence” which has been more or less synonymous with Republicanism, when in reality that’s not the case at all. Since those who tend to ask are either sympathetic towards an Australian Republic or are active advocates for it.

I however, wish to offer an alternative to the idea of “Independence”. Why not establish an independent Australian Monarchy? Ask a member of the Windsor family to come to Australia, to live and to be Australia’s Sovereign. Or to appoint the current head of the Abney-Hastings family to become Australia’s Sovereign if one is more for a homebrew Royal. The former could be done in various ways such as having a senior member of the Windsor family the power to not only continue the Windsor line in Australia, but also to establish a new Royal line in Australia, thus ensuring that line being native born Australian, but also to keep the traditions of the Windsors and to keep Australia’s relationship with the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations strong and firm, without disconnecting that cultural and familial thread. One could choose the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Richard or Prince Michael of Kent or the Duke of Wessex, Prince Edward to start the Australian Branch of the Windsor family.

Without the massive political, constitutional and cultural headache of yet another Republic Referendum, which will no doubt cost Australia billions of dollars, if not trillions to irreversibly change Australia from a stable and functional Constitutional Monarchy into a bloated, corrupt, heavily over-governed and overtaxed Republic. A Referendum on having an independent Monarchy/Royal Family, wouldn’t cost Australia that much, nor will it upset it’s Constitutional, Political or Cultural arrangements.

What would be different, is that the Monarch would be living IN Australia, rather than being kept at bay via two oceans.

Australians celebrating

Not only that Australia will have its own Monarch, but its own Royal Family and its own mark on the international stage. Stating that Australia will not be a Republic like America is, and stating that we will be better than the United Kingdom in how we operate our Monarchy and System of Governance. Australia would have made history. We could have a Monarchy, that’s far more invested in Australia’s prosperity by giving it or allowing it to own and operate a vital industry, such as manufacturing, since not only would the Monarch would have the money start up a manufacturing industry but will also have the notoriety and prestige of it being an Australian industry serving Australia.

Much like the symbolic gesture that is the origin of Australia’s floral symbol; the Wattle, with its history being about Tasmanians featuring English Oak and Wattles in their buttonholes. Having our own Monarchy can be seen as symbolically, bringing the old world with the new, further unifying Australia.

All of this can be achieved, if instead of pushing to become a Republic to achieve “Independence”, we should ask if we can have our own Monarchy to achieve “Independence”.

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