New Australian States?

As of recently, there has been some voices calling for either secession or for new states to be created. Ranging from Western Australia yet again calling for secession and as of a few years ago, Queensland calling to be separated into North and South.

Nothing of this sort is new to Australian politics, in fact, it’s not new to Australia in the slightest. A lot of this can be traced all the way back as far as 1838, in which the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society published Considerations on the Political Geography and Geographical Nomenclature of Australia. Which details as much as ten divisions/states/colonies in Australia.

This map shows a proposal for subdivisions of Australia from 1838. Note that although the names “Victoria” and “Tasmania” appear, both are geographically distant from the current states of the same name.

However, none of these came to be, however, the precedent of having more divisions never left. Australia itself is a large nation and it is almost inevitable that a group of people would attempt to suggest that we ought to have more states.

From the people asking Queen Victoria to establish new colonies, to the people asking the Federal government to establish new states is nothing short of persistent suggestions based on a groups desires. However, as in most cases, said desires have a lot of flaws and at most times, do not match up to the minimum requirements of statehood. Usually for not having a large population compared to the largest state; New South Wales, and many issues about seat orientations in the Federal parliament and so on.

But in this discussion, I will not talk about what made these proposals fail. In fact, I will do the opposite. I will be throwing my five cents into the ring, with my ideas of new states as well as quelling Western Australian secession.

New State Ideas

Let’s kick this off with the currently popular area of potential new states. Queensland.

I’ve already done an article about a North and South Queensland states. Which you can read here. Though, I will paraphrase what I said in that article. Instead of grabbing a ruler and dividing the state of Queensland into two; being North and South Queensland. I recommended calling South Queensland to just being Queensland, whereas, North Queensland, I suggested to be named Kingsland.

In keeping with the theme of Sovereigns, as well as preserving North Queenslanders history, I thought that the new state should be called Kingsland. Inheriting from Queensland, the usage of Royal Titles such as King and Queen.

Proposed Kingsland Flag

And the Kingsland Flag, in this proposal, will retain the Union Jack, seeing that the new state remembers its proud history, and to take an old proposed emblem for Queensland which looks much more regal and “king-like”, thus keeping up with the theme and aesthetic.

However, to placate some people, I would suggest that new provinces and jurisdictions to be given new names, such as Capricornia, Carpentaria and Torresia.

Now, onto the most interesting part of this article.

Western Australia.

Currently, in Western Australia, there was a poll of around three thousand people, in which just about 28% voted in favour of secession. Although this doesn’t mean much, given that the poll was specifically asking this question to only a tiny minority. It does, however, spark concern and intrigue.

Western Australians complain that they and their state aren’t taken as seriously as the Eastern States; Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Western Australia being pushed to the back seat and feeling neglected by the Federal government isn’t a new phenomena. Since it does have historic precedent as in 1933, Western Australia attempted to secede from the Commonwealth. However, since such an attempt is illegal in Australia, as it is forbidden in the Constitution of Australia.

But, with that said, I did mention how it is illegal to secede from the Commonwealth, but, it isn’t illegal to create new states due to Section 123 of the Australian Constitution, and Western Australia, being the largest state in all of Australia, could potentially create new states and thus bringing the Federal Governments attention more west-wards.

Ideas of new Western Australian States aren’t a recent thing. Seeing that there have been attempts in the past, during the colonial era where there were attempts to create new colonies. One of the most notorious concepts was; Auralia.

Map showing the proposed boundaries of Auralia

This originally proposed colony of Auralia, could very well be repurposed for a new state in the West. With it’s capital at Kalgoorlie, and the rich minerals it possesses, it would be quite wealthy.

Another idea of mine, comes from Western Australia’s north.

The Kimberly and Pilbara area.

Said Kimberly and Pilbara area did have an attempt to become a new state, called North West Australia, but it didn’t go anywhere. But, given the theory being hatched, let’s entertain the notion of a North West Australia.

Personally, I’d prefer a new name. Maybe recycle an old Victorian attempt to create a new colony; Princeland. Or something else. This is honestly, new territory, figuratively, so the name could go either way.

Proposed new state borders with proposed state flags

This is how I’d envision what more Australian states would look like.

Still keeping with the original states still retaining their names, such as Queensland and Western Australia, however, I believe that with these new theoretical states, they will still continue on with a general theme/aesthetic of the states they spawned out from.

Such as retaining the Union Jack on their flags but having a twist on it. Maybe Princeland (coloured brown) could have a circular dot in the middle of the Union Jack to represent the Aboriginals, whilst having a unique emblem on the flag. Auralia could instead of having a blue background like many other Australian state flags, it could go with a gold ensign, to represent the areas history of gold mining and its prosperous future. And Kingsland to retain original designs from Queensland and making it their own.

This is merely my five cents on the matter. I wanted to give my opinion on the issues at hand and provide some form of a practical method in naming the states, so that there wouldn’t be a cultural, societal or even a political upheaval. To strengthen Australia as a whole, rather than taking this as an opportunity to remake Australia to fit ideological whims. As well as to avoid using Brendan Jones’ flag designs (The ones used for the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory) since I think they’re okay for territory flags, but not for states, since to me, a state should represent the origins of Australia, the nation, before it should try to put a unique spin on things.

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