There is a growing movement, a growing sense of integrity, a reawakening of the White Anglo-Celt Australian.

From the destruction of the Family, the censorship and erasure of our history, the constant entertainment spread by the globalist elite, have only made White Men lazy, degenerate and blind. This is a disease, both spiritual and mental. White Australians must reject the notions of Multiculturalism, the lies projected by the globalist elite and the temptations presented to lull us to slumber.

Our ancestors were heroes, explorers, laborers, tradesmen, soldiers, conquerors, legends. White Australians of today, should start acting like it. Who will fight for us? Who will speak for us? What do you know that Australia know? Rise up. Rise without fear about your heritage, be proud of it.

This is a Rallying Point for those who despise the current Marxian Socialist agenda and yearn for a time where a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. The wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family that she so loves. Dad worked hard, hanged out with his mates at the pub and went back home to his loving family.

Let’s bring back that Australia. One Nation, One People, One Flag O’er Us! Let’s Put Australia Back on Track!

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