What are the powers of the Governor-General of Australia?

The working of our political institutions is governed not only by the words of the Constitution but also by conventions, which are rules of practice regarded as binding by those to whom they apply, although not rules of law created by legislation or decisions of the courts. These rules have developed over the centuries within … Continue reading What are the powers of the Governor-General of Australia?

Australia’s Colony

Australia's Colony? Wasn't Australia a Colony? An answer to those two questions are; Yes and Yes. In fact, you'd be correct on both of those questions. Australia was at one point a colony but it also had its own colony in it's Two Hundred Year history. Believe it or not, Australia once upon a time … Continue reading Australia’s Colony

The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

The notion of an Australian Kingdom isn't a far fetched idea and it has been in the corners of the mind with some Australians throughout our 200 year old history. Even today, some micro-nations within Australia claim to be their own Principalities and Kingdoms, such as the Principality of Hutt River and the Principality of … Continue reading The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

The Crimson Thread of Kinship

The ideas of race and stock, of blood and breed. This has been the prevailing thought upon the Australian since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Fostering and furnishing a connection between nationalism, imperialism and racialism during those periods of Australian history. These thoughts, ideas and aspirations became a significant force behind the White … Continue reading The Crimson Thread of Kinship

Australia’s Future

The current climate of Australia is rather worrying to those that are politically aware and are attentive to the political parties at play. Many Australians wouldn't know what is going on with our government and how it will affect them. Currently, the Labor party of Australia have been doubling down with their leftist rhetoric and … Continue reading Australia’s Future

Our Australian Head of State

Speech by Sir David Smith at a Luncheon for ACM, Parliament House, Sydney 19 March 2001 Those two great constitutional scholars and commentators, John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran, in their 1901 scholarly and definitive work on the Australian Constitution, reminded us of the reasons why our Founding Fathers ensured that the Constitution could not be … Continue reading Our Australian Head of State

The Head of State Revisited

Speech by Sir David Smith, Sydney, 21 April 2010 Today is the Queen’s actual birthday, and it is right and proper that we mark the occasion. Her Majesty came to the throne on 6 February 1952, and has served Australia as its Queen for more than half of our life as a nation. In 1953 … Continue reading The Head of State Revisited