Whitlam’s Dismissal

Recently, developments about Governor-General John Kerr and his dismissal of Gough Whitlam have resurfaced again. Recent news indicates that the High Court will be declassifying the 211 letters sent by Governor-General Kerr to the Queens private secretary Sir Martin Charteris. These letters, are being used by the Australian Republican Movement to try and connect their … Continue reading Whitlam’s Dismissal

Are the politicians planning to crown one of their own?

Extraordinary plans are afoot in Canberra for Malcolm Turnbull, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd or someone of their ilk to succeed Queen Elizabeth in her capacity as Queen of Australia. This is to be done through the back door, not by the people, but by the politicians doing a deal among themselves . With the hope … Continue reading Are the politicians planning to crown one of their own?

The Crown and The Republic

Written by Gray Connolly on his Website This is merely a mirror to spread Gray Connollys work around, I do not intend to invoke any idea that any of this is my work, this is purely to spread this around.   Reasonable people may differ on the issue of whether Australia should remain as a … Continue reading The Crown and The Republic

What are the powers of the Governor-General of Australia?

The working of our political institutions is governed not only by the words of the Constitution but also by conventions, which are rules of practice regarded as binding by those to whom they apply, although not rules of law created by legislation or decisions of the courts. These rules have developed over the centuries within … Continue reading What are the powers of the Governor-General of Australia?

Aboriginal Recognition isn’t all what it is cracked up to be

For those that do not know, the Aboriginal Recognition Movement, that activists intend to instill into the Australian Constitution is set to create a parallel form of government for Aboriginals, by Aboriginals. The so-called "Aboriginal Voice" intends to establish multiple representative bodies at a national, state and local level to advise the Australian Federal Parliament … Continue reading Aboriginal Recognition isn’t all what it is cracked up to be

The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

The notion of an Australian Kingdom isn't a far fetched idea and it has been in the corners of the mind with some Australians throughout our 200 year old history. Even today, some micro-nations within Australia claim to be their own Principalities and Kingdoms, such as the Principality of Hutt River and the Principality of … Continue reading The Notion of an Australian Kingdom

Why am I a Monarchist?

I am often asked and criticised about why do I support the Australian Crown and the Australian Royal Family instead of the myriad of Politicians in the Australian Party Politic. I support the Crown for many reasons but first, what lead me to my views. I will explain that I wasn't always a Monarchist and … Continue reading Why am I a Monarchist?

Constitutional Reformation or Political Reformation?

I've heard the saying; It takes an Idiot to destroy Britain, But It takes a Genius to destroy Australia. Take that as you will, but the point of that saying is. Australia, believe it or not has one of the most, if not, THE most, stable system of government in the world. Made by our … Continue reading Constitutional Reformation or Political Reformation?

Traitors within Australia

Recently, the traitorous politician Bill Shorten, leader of the Labor Party of Australia has announced that if he becomes the next Prime Minister, he will force Australians to another referendum on a Republic within his first term, first via a Plebiscite, cleverly designed to garner the most yes votes and if that succeeds, then straight … Continue reading Traitors within Australia

Australia’s Future

The current climate of Australia is rather worrying to those that are politically aware and are attentive to the political parties at play. Many Australians wouldn't know what is going on with our government and how it will affect them. Currently, the Labor party of Australia have been doubling down with their leftist rhetoric and … Continue reading Australia’s Future