Cheap Labour Importation Schemes

The White Australia policy (1901–1973) was, while it lasted, a hugely successful attempt to preserve the genetic and cultural legacy of the founding racial stock of the nation. It was also an industrial relations policy designed to prevent the capitalist class from flooding the Australian economy with cheap labor. This was a key part of … Continue reading Cheap Labour Importation Schemes

After Brexit, what could happen next?

After the recent UK general elections which resulted in a Conservative majority, which will lead to the UK finally leaving the EU. At the time of writing this article, the UK hasn't left just yet, however, what got the noggin' joggin' about the whole Brexit event is what'll happen after? Given how the UK has … Continue reading After Brexit, what could happen next?

Who Are The People On Australia’s Bank Notes?

Not a lot of people know who the people on our notes are. Some, are quite obvious while others require some level of Australian history to understand. So, I'm here to help alleviate this problem by addressing who and what are the people on our bank notes. $5 Starting off with the $5 note, we … Continue reading Who Are The People On Australia’s Bank Notes?