The Origins of Australian Law by Robert Balzola

Putting aside customary Aboriginal law, contemporary Australian law originates from the British legal hegemony following colonisation of the eastern seaboard of Australia in 1770.  Australia’s legal system is described as an absorbed jurisdiction of the Imperial British legal system, followed by a sequence of Imperial and, upon Federation of Australia, Australian statutes that comprise together with … Continue reading The Origins of Australian Law by Robert Balzola

The Crimson Thread of Kinship

The ideas of race and stock, of blood and breed. This has been the prevailing thought upon the Australian since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Fostering and furnishing a connection between nationalism, imperialism and racialism during those periods of Australian history. These thoughts, ideas and aspirations became a significant force behind the White … Continue reading The Crimson Thread of Kinship

Keep the Australian Constitution

I am the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia - I am the most important document in this land. Without me, all other Contracts and Agreements are worthless bits of paper ... Even your money and the deeds to your home are worthless without my protection. Yes, the very fabric of Your free Australian society … Continue reading Keep the Australian Constitution

A Better Australia, a Free Australia

It's time to change. Australia is suffering from an addiction to growth, growth in population (via mass immigration) and consumption, and it's destroying our support systems... little by little. When it comes to reducing Australia's ecological footprint we not only need to reduce our consumption but our population growth. Since 2003, Australia's net immigration has … Continue reading A Better Australia, a Free Australia