Australia Day and the Truth of its origins

As it is, every year since the year 2000, Australia and Australians bare witness to hordes of Anti-Australians marching down the streets of our cities chanting rhetoric and slogans about their desire to remove Australia Day and their utter hatred for Australia. Many are convinced that Australia is built purely upon genocide, slavery, and mistreatment … Continue reading Australia Day and the Truth of its origins

Cheap Labour Importation Schemes

The White Australia policy (1901–1973) was, while it lasted, a hugely successful attempt to preserve the genetic and cultural legacy of the founding racial stock of the nation. It was also an industrial relations policy designed to prevent the capitalist class from flooding the Australian economy with cheap labor. This was a key part of … Continue reading Cheap Labour Importation Schemes

The Crown and The Republic

Written by Gray Connolly on his Website This is merely a mirror to spread Gray Connollys work around, I do not intend to invoke any idea that any of this is my work, this is purely to spread this around.   Reasonable people may differ on the issue of whether Australia should remain as a … Continue reading The Crown and The Republic

Rethinking the White Australia Policy

Not even scholars challenging the orthodox view that the White Australia Policy was a "racist" blot on the nation's honour support suggestions that its abolition was a catastrophic mistake. An unshakeable consensus among managerial, professional, political and academic elites in favour of racial egalitarianism has prevented a long overdue re-assessment of the policies permitting mass … Continue reading Rethinking the White Australia Policy

Frontier Wars: Inventing massacre stories

The death toll of the roving parties In the first three months of 1828, there were twenty-seven separate assaults on British settlers by the Aborigines of Van Diemen’s Land. They killed eleven white stock­men. In April, Lieutenant-Governor Arthur responded with a policy to expel all Aborigines from the settled districts. ‘I am at length con­vinced,’ he … Continue reading Frontier Wars: Inventing massacre stories

Frontier Wars: Fact or Fiction? The fabrication of the Aboriginal death toll

The fabrication of the Aboriginal death toll There have been three serious attempts to estimate the total number of Aborigines killed by Europeans in frontier conflict since 1788. By serious attempts, I mean calculations made by people who are recognised as historians and who use historical evidence and argumentation. They have been made by Henry … Continue reading Frontier Wars: Fact or Fiction? The fabrication of the Aboriginal death toll

Frontier Wars: Fact or Fiction? The invention of massacre stories

The myths of frontier massacres in Australian history The first part of this essay will demonstrate just how flimsy is the case that the massacre of Aborigines was a defining feature of the European settlement of Australia. The second part will examine the estimates by historians of the total number of Aborigines killed and show … Continue reading Frontier Wars: Fact or Fiction? The invention of massacre stories

Black Power, a Multi-Racial Society, and the Immigration Saga

Arthur Calwell was Australia's first Minister for Immigration (1945 to 1949), and later became the leader of the Australian Labor Party (1960 to 1967). In the following document, extracted from his autobiography, Be Just and Fear Not, Calwell mounts a passionate defence of Australia's traditional immigration policies; opposes non-European immigration; and explains that the creation of … Continue reading Black Power, a Multi-Racial Society, and the Immigration Saga

Australian State Flag Designs

After from watching one video on YouTube, which was about Australian States seceding from the Commonwealth and becoming independent. I had a look at the flag designs from that video. The flag designs are from Brendan Jones, that were used on the video itself. But, I do have a problem with the designs, I find … Continue reading Australian State Flag Designs

White Australia, Saved Australia

Jack Lang was the Premier of New South Wales during 1925-1927 and 1930-1932. In this extract from his book, I Remember, Lang gives a brief history of the White Australia Policy; exposes how Britain interfered with local attempts to keep the hordes of coloured immigrants from flooding into our country; and praises the policies that established … Continue reading White Australia, Saved Australia