Arguing with Australian Republicans

Republicans are quite a nonsensical bunch no matter where in the world you find them and those infecting the great Commonwealth of Australia are certainly no different. Their arguments are so full of holes and lack any credibility to such a great extent that they have been so far unsuccessful in their treasonous efforts in … Continue reading Arguing with Australian Republicans

Australian Elitism

Elitism, the belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favoured treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources. Also includes the sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class and control, rule, or domination by such a group or class. The … Continue reading Australian Elitism

How Mad Are We?

It's been the same old rabble again. The news going on about the politics of the day, not about the yester or the tomorrow but of the day. Going on about how evil, incompetent and delusional one side of politics and how good, competent and knowledgeable the other is. Day in, day out. The spurs … Continue reading How Mad Are We?

St. Kilda Rally

This is a belated response to what happened over in St.Kilda. In Melbourne, over on the St. Kilda beach, many nationalists, patriots and ordinary Australians gathered to rally against the African Gangs that constantly kill, rape and steal from Australians. The Media kept portraying and hyping it up as Victoria's version of the Cronulla Riots. … Continue reading St. Kilda Rally

Australian Nationalist Scene

The Australian Nationalist Scene is very fractured to say the very least. However, this is purely observational from what I've seen on the ground, on the media and so on. This is a criticism of the Australian Nationalist movements and Populist movements in this country, however this is not an attack on said movements. So, … Continue reading Australian Nationalist Scene

In Response: Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

This is in response to an earlier post of mine that I've posted late last year, where I discussed about Multicultural Australia against True Australia. You can use the link to read about it if you haven't. However I wish to reiterate that I've developed myself over the past year to now to improve upon. … Continue reading In Response: Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

The Crimson Thread of Kinship

The ideas of race and stock, of blood and breed. This has been the prevailing thought upon the Australian since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Fostering and furnishing a connection between nationalism, imperialism and racialism during those periods of Australian history. These thoughts, ideas and aspirations became a significant force behind the White … Continue reading The Crimson Thread of Kinship

The Push for a Republic

Let us look at some of the real reasons for the determined push to change Australia into a republic. The people of Australia are not clamouring for a referendum on a republic, it is being pushed by multi-millionaires, politicians and much of the mainstream media.  Some very wealthy people are even putting their own money … Continue reading The Push for a Republic

Plebiscites and the Australian Governments Addiction to it

The Founding Fathers of Australia were well aware of the fact that starting out as a republican, Napoleon Bonaparte skillfully used seven constitutional plebiscites – just questions without details - to take and to increase his hold on power. As a result, Europe suffered over two decades of war resisting his attempts to subjugate the … Continue reading Plebiscites and the Australian Governments Addiction to it

Know Thine Enemy

In order to defend and promote Australian culture, race/people and nationality, we first must recognize the genesis of this cultural, racial & national vandalism of today, to its communistic movements after the First World War. According to the post-war Marxist theorists Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs, for communism to succeed in the West, broadly speaking … Continue reading Know Thine Enemy