Australia as we know it, is disappearing

There was a time, when a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. The wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family that … Continue reading Australia as we know it, is disappearing

Problems facing Australia and the West in General

I've been getting a little worried about Australia and White Nations as a whole. I’ve been looking at non-western countries including Russia, Eastern Europe, Japan, China, India, etc. In cultural and national pride, economics, inventiveness, social cohesion and racial hegemony. There are many factors in this but I just have to say something about all … Continue reading Problems facing Australia and the West in General

Australia’s future

I've been thinking about this for a long while now. But I'm getting increasingly worried for Australia's future. As it stands, I believe we are at a crossroads that'll decide the fate of our fair, sun burnt land and the Australians that live here. In the past, Australia was culturally, socially, racially and pretty much … Continue reading Australia’s future

The Evils of Multiculturalism

Oh where to begin with this. You proberally think that I'm some sort of Alt-Right, White Supremacist, Fascist, Nazi for even questioning this. But I laugh at your attempts to label me and try to denounce and belittle my opinion. Though I do believe that it has done more harm than good. So without any … Continue reading The Evils of Multiculturalism